Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Great Ice Storm Of 2006, Pt. 2

We had a pretty decent ice storm back in February and we're now getting another one.
But this is only the begining. Later tonight they're saying we could get anywhere from 3-12 inches of snow. If I stop blogging for a couple of days it's because the power lines went down. I just hope my pipes don't freeze. Ms. Doolittle must be having a field day.

Dear Mahmoud,

On behalf of the American people, I would like to thank you for your letter. I would like to address some of the topics you talked about.

1. Both our nations are God-fearing, truth-loving and justice-seeking, and both seek dignity, respect and perfection.
If that were true, why do you continue to spread lies and propaganda that America is planning to attack? I have yet to hear of such a plan. Also, "justice" in your part of the world mean to behead someone for drawing a cartoon of your God. Doesn't sound like real justice to me.

2. Both greatly value and readily embrace the promotion of human ideals such as compassion, empathy, respect for the rights of human beings, securing justice and equity and defending the innocent and the weak against oppressors and bullies.
Were that true, you wouldn't continue to deny the Holocaust and call for the death of millions of Americans and Jews.

3. We all deplore injustice, the trampling of peoples' rights and intimidation and humiliation of human beings.
Really? How many Iranians are freely allowed to criticize you and your administration without fear of prison or even death?

4. Our nation has always extended its hand of friendship to all other nations of the world.
Even Israel?

5. No people wants to side with or support any oppressors. But regrettably, the US administration disregards even its own public opinion and remains in the forefront of supporting the trampling of the rights of the Palestinian people.
Been reading the San Francisco Chronicle have you? Because the American public overwhelming supports Israel.

6. We all condemn terrorism, because its victims are the innocent.
They why continue your support for organizations such as Hezbollah and al-Qaeda?

7. What have the Zionists(Israel)done for the American people that the US administration considers itself obliged to blindly support these infamous aggressors? Is it not because they have imposed themselves on a substantial portion of the banking, financial, cultural and media sectors?
Been reading the SFC again it seems. You see, if American doesn't stand by Israel no one will protect it's noble citizens from insane madmen like you.

In closing, Mr. Ahmadinejad, the sane rational peoples of America will not back down from terrorist thugs such as yourself. Do we have the odd coward that will try to advert confrontation by turning a blind eye to your actions? Yes, but those who are willing to stand up against you will continue to do so. May your God continue to watch over and protect you from the hell storm you about to bring upon yourself and your people. Merry Christmas.

Indian Chris
Blogmaster Of Right-Wing & Right Minded
30 November 2006

Thursday Funny

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wednesday Hero

Cpl. Jason E. Meier
Cpl. Jason E. Meier
From Arlington, Wisconsin
1st Team, 3rd Squad, 3rd Platoon, Bravo Battery, 3rd Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion, Marine Wing Support Group 37 (Reinforced), 3rd Marine Air Wing (Forward)

Cpl. Jason E. Meier plays soccer with an Iraqi boy during humanitarian efforts while on a Mounted Combat Patrol in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq, November 8, 2006. Meier is the vehicle commander for 1st Team, 3rd Squad, 3rd Platoon, Bravo Battery, 3rd Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion, Marine Wing Support Group 37 (Reinforced), 3rd Marine Air Wing (Forward). He is an Arlington, Wis., native.

These brave men and women risk their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Have Every Right To Dream Heroic Dreams.
Those Who Say That We're In A Time When There Are No Heroes, They Just Don't Know Where To Look

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dear God, Please

Next thing you know some loony judge will declare that CD's are unfair to the deaf and watches are unfair to the armless. Dumbass.

Iran vs. The Holocaust

Iran will host a conference next month dealing with the genocide of millions of Jews by the Nazis. Isn't this like Robert Byrd hosting a conference on slavery? A sham.
This conference fully respects the Jewish religion and is away from politicization and propaganda

What Big Media Ignores

We all know about the horrible news out of Iraq and Afghanistan. We get it shoved down out throats on an hourly basis. But there are a lot of stories that you won't see on FNC or CNN or MSNBC. A soldier who is alive and helping someone isn't as good a story as one who was killed in the latest car bomb. So I wanted to post some of the more positive stories coming out of the War On Terror. But I don't have to. This site has put links to some of those stories up themselves.
Monday, November 27, 2006


I think they're angry at the wrong things.
I'm watching Jesse "Media Whore" Jackson give an actual press conference about Michael Richards, what?, today and I'm not sure how he did it but he was somehow able to turn it around and go after Republicans. He somehow worked Trent Lott and Katrina into it. You know, it never ceases to amaze me how the Left can lay the blame for everything at the Republican's feet.
The forecast for my area.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Story Behind Wednesday Hero

I was asked a pretty good question by one of the newest members of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. Why did I start it? Below is my response.

I'm not sure if I ever posted why but I started Wednesday Hero because when the news outlets talk about these men and women they only talk about their deaths. How they died, how many have died and so on. Not the soldiers themselves. I wanted to shed some light on who they were and are. Because I don't just profile those who've given their lives. Also, I think that we should all be able to look at their faces. Some people are a little uncomfortable looking into the eyes of a soldier who's given their life. They may feel a little guilty. I want to try to remove that feeling. We should see and thank them.
I heard on the news, though I can't find a link yet, that the men who were the brunt of Michael Richards tirade are planning on suing him. Question. Why? Isn't what he said, no matter how ignorant, covered under the First Amendment? You know, that whole Freedom of Speech thing. Now, there are times when I don't like the first amendment but to sue someone for exorcising that right is pushing it a little. I don't like what Michael Moore has to say, does that mean I can sue him. Can I sue the people who call me a Nazi and war cheerleader?

In Case You Missed It

Oh my God. It's happened again. A Pennsylvania man shoots himself while driving. Once again, Gun Rule #1: Don't Put Gun Near Family Jewels.

The turkey's are mad has hell, and they're not going to take it anymore. Wild turkey's in Maine fight back against the genocide known as Thanksgiving. Another funny part about this story? Look at this woman's profession. Priceless.

A Taiwanese woman has filed a protection order against her husband. Why? Did he beat her? No. Did he threaten her life? No. He told her ghost stories.

Kick-boxing orangutans have been flown back home to the wild. Am I the only one who sees the danger in this? We've seen turkey's fight back. Do we really want an army of hairy Chuck Norris's running wild?

Porn helps Panda's in China get busy. There's a tasteless "bamboo" joke to be made but I won't do it.

First thing that I said when I read the headline? What the hell!?!?!

Canadian P.M., Stephen Harper, and interim Liberal leader, Bill Graham, try to out "you're gayer than me" each other. And I thought our politicians were bad.

A Monk in Thailand cuts off his little Buddha because he got excited during meditation. Blow yourself up for Allah or cut your member off for Buddha. Glad I'm agnostic.

And the winner of this weeks Darwin Award is Paula Davis of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Ms. Davis likes the hooch. In fact she likes it a little too much. See, she'd gotten herself arrested for DUI. So she went to court to plead guilty to the charges. But she didn't show up to court exactly 100% okay. More like 100-Proof. She showed up drunk for her DUI hearing. You go girl. You wear that Darwin Award with pride.

A Good Game Of Footie

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney has just signed a deal to make him the highest payed player in English history. £100 million for six years. Now come on, Rooney's a good player but Arsenal's Thierry Henry is MILES ahead of Rooney.
Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Joys Of An Oklahoma Sunset In Autumn

Friday, November 24, 2006

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Yes, it's finally here. I know all of you count the days until I reveal the Christmas design. It's the highlight of the year. Well, your wait is over. Let me know what you think. I went a little subdued this year. In past designs I tried to go with something that really popped. Last year it was the traditional gold and green look with the fireplace header. The year before it was the dark blue and neon and the year before that was the other dark blue in which I went all PC and tried to accommodate everyone with the secular and religious celebrations of Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah. So this year I went with a more festive look that centered on color rather than design. I also want to thank DeoDuce and her husband, Master Of None, for hosting the favicon. I hope you all like it.

White Only Scholarship

To the students at Boston University, I say good on you. There are Black scholarships, Asian scholarships, Indian scholarships, Latino scholarships. Even gay scholarships. But you dare create a scholarship for Whites, and even worse, have it done by Republicans, and all of a sudden it's racist and discriminatory. I call bullshit.

"Sorry Stephen, but Chang, Juan and Lakisha need to go to college more than you do. They've been oppressed."
Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wise Sage Of The Day

"Anywhere where you have real combat, anywhere where you have real enemies, anywhere where you have a crazy outfit like Hezbollah, which is really a proxy for Iran that we're talking about, then the U.N. is fairly useless. It doesn't really get the job done, and that billboard was a perfect example."
Fmr. Israeli P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu

If you didn't see Glenn Beck's interview with the former Israeli Prime Minister, you can read the transcript or head over to YouTube and watch it. It's broken up into separate parts.

Double Shot Of Funny


What did the turkey say to his computer?
Google, Google, Google

Well, Damn

I guess I should wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving, even if I don't celebrate the lie.
Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wednesday Hero

Army Spc. Donald L. Wheeler
Army Spc. Donald L. Wheeler
22 years old from Concord, Michigan
A Company, 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division
October 13, 2003

Spc. Donald Laverne Wheeler was affectionately known as "DJ" to his family, which included three sisters and eight brothers. In the military, he picked up the nickname "Sunshine." "They called him Sunshine at Fort Hood in Texas because he was so tall he stood out from everyone else and he was always smiling," said one of his sisters, Andrea Barrett. Wheeler died on October 13, 2003 in an attack in Tikrit. His mother, Mary Cay Wheeler, said he decided to enlist after the Sept. 11 attacks. "He loved the Army but at the same time he missed his family", she said. They had a photo of Wheeler blown up to near life size and brought it to his sister's wedding reception because he couldn't attend. "I shall always remember him, a big kid who gave everything he had on that dusty day," said Lt. Jason Price at a memorial service in Tikrit. "It's difficult to say goodbye."

These brave men and women have given their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Have Every Right To Dream Heroic Dreams.
Those Who Say That We're In A Time When There Are No Heroes, They Just Don't Know Where To Look

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One of the blogs in the Wednesday Hero Blogroll, Yankeemom, has put up a post that all of you should check out. What happened to this soldiers is just sick.
Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A View Of Iraq

This Was Sent To Me By Sgt._E

This guy seems to have a pretty good understanding of what's happening in Iraq right now. He kind of hurts some of his points with the DumbasCrap thing, but other than that... I don't know if he's a ex-soldier or not, but he kind of sounds like he could be.

El Presidente!

Has this nut been listening to Al Gore or something? I call him a nut, but if enough of his loony, cultist followers side with him Mexico could begin to get a whole lot worse. If that's possible.

4 Days Left

I know waiting all year has been driving all of you nuts, but on Saturday the Christmas design will finally be revealed.
Monday, November 20, 2006

Wise Sage Of The Day

"Not all Muslims are terrorists and not all Germans were Nazis, but guess what it doesn't matter. It was only a matter of time before the Nazis killed 12 million people in death camps"
Sunday, November 19, 2006

What Scares Me?

What scares me? Other than psychotic Islamic radicals bent on murdering all non-Muslims in the name of Allah The Merciful? People who refuse to see that danger. I have a few here that are like that. I won't name names, they know who they are. I believe it's because they don't want to see the mounting danger. They're so politically correct and "non-judgmental" that to acknowledge that there is a growing danger with Islamic fundamentalist would rock their very foundation. They're the Neville Chamberlain's to our Winston Churchill's. They're quite content in believing that what ever happens to the evil American Empire is payback for the way we've fucked over the poor Arabs in the past. People like John, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly and myself could talk until we're blue in the face, it wouldn't matter. In these people's eyes, there's no real threat. It's all talk and grandstanding. And if there is an attack? Well, we had it coming. Agree with me? Then you've got a pretty good I.Q. Don't? Then you're one of the people I'm talking about and I really don't give a crap what you think.

Let the long winded, over compensating essay rebuttals begin.

Wise Sage Of The Day

"War Isn't A Good Life, But It's Life."
Cpt. James T. Kirk

In Case You Missed It

I've been feeling in the crapper this past week and haven't been in much of a jovial mood, so not too many jokes in this weeks post.

A Spanish teacher in Smithfield, North Carolina had to resign because an assignment he gave contained words such as "kill" and "destroy America" and phrases such as "Sharon killed a lot of innocent people", "Palestine is not a terrorist group" and "Allah help destroy this body of evil making humanity miserable".

If something ever happens to your sheep, make sure it happens in England. 40 firefighters were sent out to rescue a single sheep.

And angry mother has filed larceny charges against her child's school Superintendent and Principal for confiscating their cell phone which rang in the middle of class.

Come to St. Louis. We have great BBQ, smoking blues and the best crack in America.

The GPS tracking unit that a Florida woman's estranged husband's P.I. attached to the bottom of her car was mistaken for a bomb. Even if my head wasn't pounding, I still wouldn't be able to follow that.

New to the British "no-fly list"? Smelly German men.

And this weeks Darwin Award goes to this unidentified 17-year-old Petaluma, California boy. Police were searching for a runaway girl. They believed her to be in the boys home. They ask his father if they could have a look. He said "yes". They didn't find the girl, but they did find this moron in is bedroom weighing a packing bags of pot to sell.
Friday, November 17, 2006

Conservatives Are More Generous

A recent study done by professor Arthur C. Brooks of Syracuse University says that religious Conservatives donate far more money to charitable activities than Liberals do.
For too long, liberals have been claiming they are the most virtuous members of American society. Although they usually give less to charity, they have nevertheless lambasted conservatives for their callousness in the face of social injustice.
Did he really need to do a study to find this out? He could have just asked me.
This Was Sent To Me By John K

The next time someone yells about Abu Ghraib and torture, remind them of Abu Deraa.
As for using electric drills, I would never mutilate a human being because Islam prohibits mutilation, even for dogs
Really? Tell that to al-Qaeda and the almost 3000 human beings who were mutilated five years ago. Tell that to the people Saddam's hell spawn mutilated with wood chippers and chainsaws. Tell that to the people mutilated in Israel.
Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wise Sage Of The Day

"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night."
Edgar Allan Poe
The San Francisco Board of Education voted on Tuesday to kick the JROTC out of local High Schools because they don't like the military's "don't ask don't tell" policy. I wonder. Where's the ACLU? These students civil rights are being violated. If it were a Gay organization that was being kicked out of a High School because the BOE didn't agree with their practices, you know the ACLU would have filed a lawsuit within an hour after the ruling.
Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wednesday Hero

This Weeks Soldier Was Suggested By John K

Maj. Guy Barattieri
Maj. Guy Barattieri
36 years old from Seattle, Washington
National Guard's Alpha Co., 1st Battalion, 19th Special Forces Group
October 4, 2006

Everyone called him "Bear." In fact, many of his colleagues at FOX News learned Guy Barattieri's full name for the first time when they read his obituary.

To FOX News journalists, Bear was a protector. He worked with FOX as a guard in their Baghdad bureau, leading their large security team when that office was attacked with a cement mixer full of explosives last year.

A 1992 West Point graduate, Barattieri first served in the regular Army infantry before becoming a Green Beret and serving with the 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) at Fort Lewis.

After leaving active duty as a captain, Barattieri became a citizen-soldier in August 2000 with the state National Guard's Special Forces outfit in Buckley, which is east of Tacoma. From August 2001 to 2004, he was a Seattle police officer in civilian life, and he was elected president of his police academy class.

Barattieri went on active duty in 2002 as a Special Forces detachment commander in Kuwait. In March 2003, his team led the 101st Infantry Division on its march to Baghdad. Barattieri received a Bronze Star and Combat Infantryman's badge for his role.

He was killed when a roadside bomb while traveling to a power plant near Baghdad. He leaves behind a wife and two children.

These brave men and women have given their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Have Every Right To Dream Heroic Dreams.
Those Who Say That We're In A Time When There Are No Heroes, They Just Don't Know Where To Look

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Taking The First Step

Run Rudy, Run.
Monday, November 13, 2006

Song Of The Day

If you've been with me long enough, you will know that I love music. Hell, I even credit it with saving my life. I blog about it all the time with album reviews, the now defunct Sunday Blues. I even use to post songs for you all to download. Music plays such a huge role in our lives. We associate some of our biggest moments with music. Where am I going with all this? Only to draw your attention to a great song that I think you should check out. It's by Russell Watson off his album Encore called Where My Heart Will Take Me. Two things.

1) Yes, it is the theme to Star Trek Enterprise.
2) Yes, it has some of the cheesiest lyrics.
It's been a long road, getting from there to here.
It's been a long time, but my time is finally near.
And I can feel the change in the wind right now. Nothing's in my way.
And they're not gonna hold me down no more, no they're not gonna hold me down

Right up there with Lee Greenwood's God Bless The U.S.A.

But don't let those things keep you from taking a listen. It's a fantastic song. Watson is more of an operatic singer, but he does other styles. Just check it out and see if you like it.
Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Future Of Iraq

Newly empowered Democrats say they will push a phased pull-out from Iraq to begin in 4-6 months. And you know what? I agree.

Democrats & Terrorism

Newsweek has released a new mess of polls. Everything from Bush's new approval ratings to what Americans think of the Dem win last Tuesday. But the one I'm focusing on is in the last paragraph.
Another 69 percent said they were concerned that the new Congress would keep the administration "from doing what is necessary to combat terrorism," and two-thirds said they were concerned it would spend too much time investigating the administration and Republican scandals
A majority of the country think the Democrats will not properly fight the War On Terror. Let's hope we're wrong.

In Case You Missed It

Two men in California were nabbed by police for robbing a cigarette store after they left the packages to their ghost masks in the car. Scooby-Doo and the rest of the gang were unable to be reached for comment.

A Florida man, trying to run from cops, ended up driving through the home of a couple down the street
. Hey, buddy, for the last time, we don't sell hamburgers here. McDonald is our last name.

Tragic news. A cow in Australia was killed after it decided to go swimming. For four hours. Now, Bessie, you know with your four stomachs you have wait longer after eating.

One of the strangest stories I've read in a while. A Russian doctor has launched a new business. Individually tailored condoms
. There's a dirty joke here about watching your money grow, but it won't be made by me.


Irony and luck, all rolled up into one. A Florid man is alive today because the Bibles he was carrying in his pocket stopped the bullet. The word of God actually save this man's life. Dude.

This weeks Darwin Award was kind of hard to hand out. I had some really good candidates.

The runner(s) up are Monica Nicholson & the Macon County Sheriff's department. Ms. Nicholson was arrested on charges of fraud after writing some bogus checks. All well and good. But she for some reason didn't want to stay in jail. So she tried to post bail with a cashier's check that was, you guessed it, fake. There's runner up number one. Here's runner up number two. The Macon County Sheriff's department then accepted the fake check. Did no warning lights go off for anyone down there?

And the coveted Darwin Award this week goes to two people this week.

Aldrich Ross Peck of Shandon, California. For some unknown reason Mr. Peck was so pissed off at a man named Ronald Leroy Sleeper that he decided to play chicken with Mr. Sleeper while he was on his motorcycle. Problem was that Mr. Peck didn't have a bike of his own. No, instead he decided to stand in the middle of the road with an ax. What's that saying? Never bring a knife to a gun fight. Well, never stand in the middle of the road when a 400-lbs. mass of steel is coming right at you because bad things will happen.

And this unidentified British man. Seems this guy loves Guy Fawkes just a little too much. So, to celebrate his plot to bomb the British Parliament this man decides it will be a fitting tribute to stick a firecracker up his ass and light it. Yeaaaah.... So, as you can imagine, it didn't turn out so well. But it's not all bad news. His buddies did got some wicked wallpapers for their cell phones.
Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Veterans Day Thank You

Today is Veterans Day. A day in which we give our thanks to the men and women who have fought and died in the name of America and freedom. As I was thinking about this post I tried to come up with some elaborate way to say thank you. But would it have been enough? How do you give a proper thanks to someone who is willing to leave everything and everyone they love to go through the hell known as boot camp? How do you give a proper thanks to someone who goes off to a hell known as a war zone to fight for someone else's freedom? How do you give a proper thanks to someone who is willing to step in the line of fire to save the life of their "brothers"? I don't think you can. So then, how do I give thanks to the men and women of the United States military? The only way I know how. By saying Thank You.
Friday, November 10, 2006

The Sick Mind Of Hatred

Credit: John K

Let's hope the Democrats, now that they will be in charge of Congress, will remember the type of enemy we're facing.

And to go along with that, I can't help but wonder about the situation in this country. 30 plots with 1,600 people. I would be willing to bet it's much worse here.

Democrats & Blacks

I landed on "The Colbet Report" last night, so I decided to watch what they were showing. It was comedian Tim Meadows walking through Harlem posing as a Black Republican named P. K. Winsome asking people if they were going to vote in last Tuesdays election. And if so, would they vote Republican. A resounding "No" was the general consensus. I know they were making fun of Black Republicans, but he brought up some good points that some who were being interviewed were shocked to hear. Like how it was Democrats that started the KKK. And it was Democrats who were sicking police dogs on protesters in the 60's. It's sad more people don't this stuff. Ever since FDR was elected President, Black people in this country have been brainwashed. And Democrats in Washington love this. Think about it. Democrats have been "fighting" for them for years, and where are they? Are they equal with Whites? A Black man and a White man have the exact same job. Who do you think makes more? So, really, what have the Democrats done for Black people except train them to think that it's been Republicans who've been oppressing them and for many years had them believing that it was the Government's job to take care of them?
Thursday, November 9, 2006

The Supreme Court & Partial-Birth Abortion

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday for and against the upholding of the Congressional ban on the practice. I think you all know where I stand on this. But something tells me the court won't uphold it. It's just a feeling I have.
Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Wednesday Heroes

"I have seen their smiling faces and their attempts to say 'I love you' in broken English...I saw hope in their eyes and gratitude in their hearts for what was done for them."
-Gary Sinise

No soldier this week. Instead I thought would hightlight the efforts of a great organization doing what they can to help the real victims of this war. Operation Iraqi Children. It's an organization started by author Laura Hillenbrand and actor Gary Sinise. OIC was set up to help Iraqi children get school supplies that they would otherwise be unable to afford. From their mission statement.
During and after Operation Iraqi Freedom, American soldiers passing through Iraqi villages were horrified at the squalor of Iraqi schools, which had been severely neglected under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. Corralled in sweltering one-room buildings without air conditioning, fans, windows, solid floors, or even toilets, Iraqi students lack even the rudimentary supplies that American children take for granted. Libraries and books are almost nonexistent. Without these basic tools of education, Iraqi children face an uphill struggle to learn. "Imagine sending your child to a school in which there are virtually no books, no pencils, no paper, no blackboards," says Hillenbrand. "This is the reality for Iraqi children. The future of the Iraqi nation is being squandered for lack of basic school supplies."

Along With The Troops, Organizations Who Help Need To Be Recognized For Their Efforts. For Those Efforts, I Am Proud To Call Them Heroes.
We Have Every Right To Dream Heroic Dreams.
Those Who Say That We're In A Time When There Are No Heroes, They Just Don't Know Where To Look

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Well, now that Democrats have taken the House, and God help us all, it looks like the Senate, I can't help but wonder if

A) They will be able to now work with Republicans to get things done?
B) Will Republicans be able to let their bitterness go and work with Democrats?
C) Will Republicans be able to get back to their true Conservative roots?

From my knowledge of politicians, and their third grade maturity levels, I would have to give A & B a big "NO" and C a "God I hope so". But who knows, they may surprise us.

And speaking of third grade maturity levels, I also can't help but wonder about Howard Dean. I just got finished watching RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman give an interview on FNC. And considering the fact that he just got his butt handed to him he was very gracious in congratulating Democrats and acknowledged the fact that America spoke and told Republicans that they weren't welcome today. I wonder if ol' Howie D. would have done the same had the outcome been different?
Tuesday, November 7, 2006

More Proof That Keith Olbermann Is A Dumb Shit

If the video doesn't work

If you'll remember back to my post about Saddam being found guilty, I joked that it was all the Bush administrations doing with it being so close to the election. Well, Olbermann apparently doesn't think it was a joke. In yesterdays edition of his anti-Conservative/anti-Bush hate speech he calls "Special Commentary" ol' sportsboy just falls ever so short of saying that the Bush administration orchestrated the verdict of Saddam for political gain. "But Chris, you're missing the point of the piece". No I'm not. Olbermann is questioning whether going into Iraq was the right move. I got that, but that's not what this post is about. It's about the screwed up mind of a far-Left commentator that goes largely unnoticed by the media either because they don't care, are too stupid to notice or maybe it's because they feel the same way as Olbermann. Or maybe it's because they're like the rest of American and aren't watching his show.

I Voted

I tell you, it sure is nice to live in a city where it's simple to vote. No need for watchers with video cameras and crap. No punching holes or pulling levers or touching a screen. You go in, take a ballot, draw a line and you're done. No muss, no fuss. And as for thinking about voting Independent/Third Party. Didn't matter. Only two races had an Independent running.

Wise Sage Of The Day

"Learn To Write Your Hurts In Sand And Carve Your Blessings In Stone"
Monday, November 6, 2006

Vote Or Shut Up

Okay, I lied. So sue me.

Flag.jpgI'm sitting here thinking about the election tomorrow/today, depending on when you're reading this, and I'm starting to get worried. Worried that Democrats could take the House and re-gain some power. And that thought scares the ever lovin' hell out of me. I believe, and I don't care if you agree or not, that Democrats in power in this country is a dangerous thing. If you think the atmosphere in Washington, and around the country, is bad now, just wait. If the Democrats win either, or worse yet, both, the House and/or Senate, all hell will break lose. It will be more about getting revenge for the last twelve years than about actually trying to get any work done. Not that Republicans don't deserve it. For those twelve years we've been rubbing their noses in it. We reap what we sow. They've already shown it. If you've been able to stomach any of the news coverage lately you would have seen Democrat after Democrat going on and on about "taking some power back", "getting some power", "taking back the House". That's what this election is about. Power. Do you really think Nancy Pelosi or Ted Kennedy care about working with Republicans to better this country? Hell no. They want power so they can enact what they want when they want. The same goes for Republicans.

But it's more than that. Wait until Democrats are able to stop tools that are needed to fight the War On Terror. Stop them just out of spite. And if you don't think they would do something like that, please take your head out of your ass and remove the blinders from your eyes. I was planning on sitting this election out, but decided against it because if I didn't vote I wouldn't have a right to bitch and moan. So I decided to vote Independent/Third Party. But that's looking more and more like it's not going to happen. There's more at stake here than pride or party loyalty. Republicans are just better able to defend this country than Democrats. Are we perfect? No. But the alternative is much worse. Again, agree or disagree with me, I don't care.

Pvt. Claus

Saw this at Wal-Mart today. Almost bought it, but $10 seemed a little high.
Sunday, November 5, 2006

String Him Up


You know, I bet this a political tactic by the Bush administration. Think about it. All the delays and the circus atmosphere of Saddam's trial only to be found guilty and sentenced to death, by the GOP controlled puppet courts of Iraq, two days before the election. Bush and Rove a geniuses.

In Case You Missed It

An escape artist in Key West was arrested because he didn't tell police about this stunt to jump from a bridge while wearing a straightjacket. David Blaine is a putz. It wasn't Blaine, but he's just a putz.

The company that makes those pink flamingos for your yard is going out of business. What will old people in Florida do now?

How many condoms can a guy put on before it becomes dangerous? The answer. 625. Thank God this experiment was carried out. This story does contain some graphic language.

What's one of the major lesson we've learned from these weekly posts? Don't mess with senior citizens. Especially when they're Vietnam vets.

An English couple thought they could save on the veterinarian bills
, so they took some Popsicle sticks and packing tape and fixed their cat's let themselves. All at a total cost of £2,800 and the cat's leg. Also, check out the cat's name. Maybe they should have been fined for that as well.

This isn't the Darwin Award, but it came close. Two teens in El Cerrito, California thought they had found the perfect target to rob. But, it turns out he was an off-duty cop. Cue *waa waa waaaaaaa* music.

The runner-up for the Darwin Award is Jefferey S. Pagar of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This Stephen Wright look-alike walks into a bank, hands the teller a note informing her that he was robbing the place. She have him $1,000. He walks out to his cab that he had waiting for him. When he tells the cabbie to step on it, said cabbie pulls off at a respectable speed allowing people to get the info they needed for the police.

And the winner of this weeks Darwin Award is Tom Connolly if Portland, Maine. This part's not in the article, but I heard it on a news report. It seems Mr. Connoly isn't a fan of the War On Terror. So he decides to protest. All well and good. But it's the way he protested. He dressed up like Usama bin Laden, was carrying a fake AK-47. Police then told Mr. Connolly to drop his weapon, so he did. He began to drop fake grenades on the ground while advancing towards them with the fake gun. Congratulations, Mr. Connolly. You've once again proved that brains don't equal intelligence
Saturday, November 4, 2006

We Need A New Government

This will be the last political post I do before the election next week. Hopefully. We've all become sick of politics, to an extent. More so with this mid-term election than ever before. We have an inept government that can't even wipe their noses without it costing taxpayers millions. So, let me know if I'm crazy in thinking that it's time for every member of the government to go and be replaced with new blood. Right now we have people in Congress who've been there for 30+ years with nothing to really show for it but partisan fighting and spending our money on their weekly vacations to Bermuda. Did you know that Congress only worked a 141 days last year? They've become a cancer on this country and need to be removed. So, here's my plan it all it's simplicity. Every politician can serve no more than one 4 year term. That's it. From the local Mayor of Broken Bow, Oklahoma right up the the President of the United States. Every four years we hold a national election and the person in office is replaced. That could severely restrict their ability to dig in their claws and become the overpriced con artists they are today. But I'm under no disillusionment that this would ever actually happen. I mean, to get people like Trent Lott and Ted Kennedy out of office would take God himself. They're pockets are too well lined to even consider something as blasphemous as a four year term limit.
Friday, November 3, 2006

Rock And Fuckin' Roll, Man

If you're a long time reader than you know my dislike for newer music. 99% of it's shit. But every once and awhile there will be a diamond amongst all that crap. And Danko Jones is one of those diamonds. It's music the way it should be. Short, fast, loud and nasty with sexually suggestive lyrics. One of their songs is called "Starlicker". I mean, just by the title you should know what they're talking about, but

Lick it
I said daddy come over here
Lick it good
Lick it
Lick it good
Daddy and you get on your knees and
Lick it
Lick it good

They conjure up a little of The Ramones and Motorhead with some Sex Pistols thrown in.

The Heart Of A Jihadi

This Was Sent To Me By John K

FNC will be airing a documentary this weekend called "Obsession". It'll talk about how we are truly unprepared for an attack by Islamic terrorists. Watch it.

Wise Sage Of The Day

"The United States Marine Corps. kicks ass."
GySgt. R. Lee Ermey
Thursday, November 2, 2006

The Unquestioned

With all the flap over Kerrystein's backfired joke, I'm wondering why news outlets aren't talking to the people this has been aimed at. American soldiers. Why isn't ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or MSNBC or FNC talking to troops and their families to get their take on it? I know they're out there. I've heard them on Laura Ingrahams's radio show, and they weren't too happy with Kerry.
This now famous picture shows how many of them must feel. Honestly, I would rather hear from the grunt in Iraq than James Carville or Newt Gingrich. And if they have talked them, I've missed it, and you should disregard this post.

Dance Wookie, Dance

Survey: Is anyone actually surprised? They're making shitloads of money from Iran, they're not going to go against their cash cows. The same way France and the U.N. turned blind eyes to Iraq and Saddam. Question. Why are Russia and China on the Security Council. They way they don't care about countries who threaten the security of the world makes me wonder.
I always thought judges were, you know, supposed to abide by the law. Apparently not. Hey, Munley, they're called "Illegal" for a reason. You dumbass bastard.
Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Wednesday Hero

This weeks soldiers was suggested to me by Ruth.

Lt. Emily Perez
2nd Lt. Emily Perez
25 years old from Fort Washington, Maryland
204th Support Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division
September 12, 2006

The nation is mourning the death of Lt Emily Perez, 23, the first Black woman to serve as corps commander sergeant major at West Point. Perez, who graduated in the top 10 percent of her class, out-ran many men, directed a gospel choir, read the Bible every day. She also headed a weekly convoy as it rolled down treacherous roads, pocked with bombs and bullets near Najaf, Iraq. As platoon leader, she insisted on leading her troops from the front. She died Sept. 12 when a bomb detonated near her Humvee in Kifl, south of Baghdad. Shortly before shipping out to Iraq with the 204th Support Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, she flew cross-country to be a bone marrow donor for a stranger who was a match. She was the 64th woman from the U.S. military to be killed in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Quick and intense. That's how Emily J.T. Perez performed on the track, one coach said - and the same could be said for the rest of her short life. She was a star student and talented athlete. She was a captain of her high school track team and a leader at her alma mater, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. She helped start an AIDS ministry at her church.

The rest of Lt. Perez's story can be found here.

These brave men and women have given their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Have Every Right To Dream Heroic Dreams.
Those Who Say That We're In A Time When There Are No Heroes, They Just Don't Know Where To Look

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