Thursday, November 2, 2006

Dance Wookie, Dance


Anonymous said...

Since it appears I'm back, just a little curiousity.

Have you played either of the Lego Star Wars games?

I've got the first one (which covers the first 3 episodes) and it's okay. A little bit frustrating especially the final fight against Anakin. Man, that bit's cheap. Not the fight itself, that's easy as dirt but the running from the lava while everything sinks part is near impossible because it's all "trial and error". Also, Yoda is horrible. He either doesn't move at all, or just flips all over the place, so you're constantly getting killed because you can never actually hit the enemy back.

I was going to get the 2nd (original trilogy) game, but I haven't yet. I'll probably wait for it to be a "Greatest Hit" since I doubt it lasts over 10 hours. The original is probably only 5 hours at most. Each "episode" takes 30-40 minutes to complete and finding all the hidden stuff isn't exactly rocket science.

I also finally watched A New Hope (mid-90s VHS) a few months back. I enjoyed it. I started on The Empire Strikes Back, but I didn't get too far. I've thought about getting the newest "original" DVDs but I've heard they're taken from the laser-discs and not the actual film so the quality is not up to most recent standards.

I also played KOTOR2, and man, does that game blow (compared to KOTOR). Sure, you start the game as a friggin' Jedi, but you don't get your lightsaber until mid-ways through the game! Plus, the ending was botched because LucasArts wanted it out for Christmas of 04. So, it just kind of ends. No explanation of what happened to your allies (they just disappear save for 2 of them who play as for about 2 minutes each).

Hmm. Did I really ask a question or did I just ramble on?

Christopher Lee said...

Got both. The first one's not all that good. Too short and no real story to get into. Now, the second one kicks fucking ass. A lot more detailed and engaging. I've been playing for around 30 hours and still haven't beat it. I don't know what system you have, but the 360 version's the one I got and it rules. Made the mistake of playing the the second one first, so I was spoiled when I got the first one and realized that it was crap compared to LSW II. Get it. It's worth whatever price you pay.

Anonymous said...

You actually have a 360?

I bet you have DSL now too, huh? :p

Christopher Lee said...

Birthday gift, and I wish.