Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Great Ice Storm Of 2006, Pt. 2

We had a pretty decent ice storm back in February and we're now getting another one.
But this is only the begining. Later tonight they're saying we could get anywhere from 3-12 inches of snow. If I stop blogging for a couple of days it's because the power lines went down. I just hope my pipes don't freeze. Ms. Doolittle must be having a field day.


Anonymous said...

Watching that storm move across the country and it looks nasty. It was nasty when it left Oregon headed your way. Hope you are safe and warm and with power!!

Coach Mark said...

So...did you get your snow? I'm in Dallas/Ft. Worth. All we ever get is ice. I would love to have some real snow for a change this winter...Of course it would absolutely shut down the area...but...(wicked grin) kids need it...(snicker)

Christopher Lee said...

3-1/2". Which kind of surprised me. With the way it was coming down I figured it would have been closer to 6".