Sunday, November 5, 2006

In Case You Missed It

An escape artist in Key West was arrested because he didn't tell police about this stunt to jump from a bridge while wearing a straightjacket. David Blaine is a putz. It wasn't Blaine, but he's just a putz.

The company that makes those pink flamingos for your yard is going out of business. What will old people in Florida do now?

How many condoms can a guy put on before it becomes dangerous? The answer. 625. Thank God this experiment was carried out. This story does contain some graphic language.

What's one of the major lesson we've learned from these weekly posts? Don't mess with senior citizens. Especially when they're Vietnam vets.

An English couple thought they could save on the veterinarian bills
, so they took some Popsicle sticks and packing tape and fixed their cat's let themselves. All at a total cost of £2,800 and the cat's leg. Also, check out the cat's name. Maybe they should have been fined for that as well.

This isn't the Darwin Award, but it came close. Two teens in El Cerrito, California thought they had found the perfect target to rob. But, it turns out he was an off-duty cop. Cue *waa waa waaaaaaa* music.

The runner-up for the Darwin Award is Jefferey S. Pagar of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This Stephen Wright look-alike walks into a bank, hands the teller a note informing her that he was robbing the place. She have him $1,000. He walks out to his cab that he had waiting for him. When he tells the cabbie to step on it, said cabbie pulls off at a respectable speed allowing people to get the info they needed for the police.

And the winner of this weeks Darwin Award is Tom Connolly if Portland, Maine. This part's not in the article, but I heard it on a news report. It seems Mr. Connoly isn't a fan of the War On Terror. So he decides to protest. All well and good. But it's the way he protested. He dressed up like Usama bin Laden, was carrying a fake AK-47. Police then told Mr. Connolly to drop his weapon, so he did. He began to drop fake grenades on the ground while advancing towards them with the fake gun. Congratulations, Mr. Connolly. You've once again proved that brains don't equal intelligence