Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Taking The First Step

Run Rudy, Run.


Anonymous said...

Thats just what we need. Another RINO running. What? Liberal McCain not good enough for you that now your going to bat for a guy who wants abortion, Partial Birth abortion and Legal Gay marriage?

Christopher Lee said...

John, there are more important things out there than abortion or gay marriage. I want someone in the White House who has the balls to fight terrorism. I know other Republicans do, but Giuliani has a proven record of standing up for what he believes.

Anonymous said...

I would rather have a true conservative fighting Islam(terrorism); than someone who does not even think the most innocent of all people; the unborn; have a right to life.
If he cares nothing for unborn innocent babies; how is he going to truly give a rats ass about you and I and this country we hold dear? Plus its just plain dishonest to say you are a conservative when you do not even hold basic conservative ideals.
He would make a great policeman though; just not the leader of the free world.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please, Rudy. Run.

Be the Ralph Nader in 08 for the Repubs.


Run your little overrated heart out.

Anonymous said...

Jake is correct for once. He could be the Ross Perot for the 08 election. If Perot had not run in the 90's; Clinton would never had won anything. And Bin Laden would have been killed by whom ever was President long before 9-11.
Thanks Jake for the awesome reminder.