Sunday, November 12, 2006

In Case You Missed It

Two men in California were nabbed by police for robbing a cigarette store after they left the packages to their ghost masks in the car. Scooby-Doo and the rest of the gang were unable to be reached for comment.

A Florida man, trying to run from cops, ended up driving through the home of a couple down the street
. Hey, buddy, for the last time, we don't sell hamburgers here. McDonald is our last name.

Tragic news. A cow in Australia was killed after it decided to go swimming. For four hours. Now, Bessie, you know with your four stomachs you have wait longer after eating.

One of the strangest stories I've read in a while. A Russian doctor has launched a new business. Individually tailored condoms
. There's a dirty joke here about watching your money grow, but it won't be made by me.


Irony and luck, all rolled up into one. A Florid man is alive today because the Bibles he was carrying in his pocket stopped the bullet. The word of God actually save this man's life. Dude.

This weeks Darwin Award was kind of hard to hand out. I had some really good candidates.

The runner(s) up are Monica Nicholson & the Macon County Sheriff's department. Ms. Nicholson was arrested on charges of fraud after writing some bogus checks. All well and good. But she for some reason didn't want to stay in jail. So she tried to post bail with a cashier's check that was, you guessed it, fake. There's runner up number one. Here's runner up number two. The Macon County Sheriff's department then accepted the fake check. Did no warning lights go off for anyone down there?

And the coveted Darwin Award this week goes to two people this week.

Aldrich Ross Peck of Shandon, California. For some unknown reason Mr. Peck was so pissed off at a man named Ronald Leroy Sleeper that he decided to play chicken with Mr. Sleeper while he was on his motorcycle. Problem was that Mr. Peck didn't have a bike of his own. No, instead he decided to stand in the middle of the road with an ax. What's that saying? Never bring a knife to a gun fight. Well, never stand in the middle of the road when a 400-lbs. mass of steel is coming right at you because bad things will happen.

And this unidentified British man. Seems this guy loves Guy Fawkes just a little too much. So, to celebrate his plot to bomb the British Parliament this man decides it will be a fitting tribute to stick a firecracker up his ass and light it. Yeaaaah.... So, as you can imagine, it didn't turn out so well. But it's not all bad news. His buddies did got some wicked wallpapers for their cell phones.