Friday, November 24, 2006

White Only Scholarship

To the students at Boston University, I say good on you. There are Black scholarships, Asian scholarships, Indian scholarships, Latino scholarships. Even gay scholarships. But you dare create a scholarship for Whites, and even worse, have it done by Republicans, and all of a sudden it's racist and discriminatory. I call bullshit.

"Sorry Stephen, but Chang, Juan and Lakisha need to go to college more than you do. They've been oppressed."


Anonymous said...

I don't even think its a real scholarship but those guys are definatly trying to make a point.

Anonymous said...

So what you're saying is that the most advantaged group deserve to be helped into university as much as the less advantaged groups, Chris?

Obviously race is a crude way of measuring advantage, but for the most part, Caucasian Americans are the most well off group there is.

Christopher Lee said...

So fuck the poor White guy? I'd love to know where this advantaged White thing is. I'm White and I'm far from advantaged. Had I gone to college I would have had to have gotten a scholarship, because there's no way in hell I could have afforded it any other way. But wait, I'm also half Indian which means I would have been qualified for a scholarship. Are you saying that me and a Black guy are more deserving of going to college because we're minorities?

What, pray tell, should a poor White guy who doesn't qualify for any other scholarship do? Just forget about college? Because that's what your solution seems to be.

Anonymous said...

No, not fuck the White guy. And it's not an issue of being "deserving".

You take all the caucasian Americans. Put them in one group. Per person, they will have more money than any other group in the US. As I said, it's a crude way of measuring advantage, and it doesn't allow for exceptions (and every group has them). Condi Rice, for instance, would probably qualify for a scholarship, and she has a Chevron oil tanker named after her.

But creating a new scholarship for white people isn't going to fix the problem.

Here in Australia, things are possibly a little different. We do have scholarships - very bright students might be funded by a company (such as BHP Billiton), or by the university itself. But that's based off the merit of their work, not their race.

Similarly, we have a system called HECS. It's slowly being undermined by our illustrious Prime Minister, but it works like so:
You get a high enough grade to get into your university course. You then apply for HECS, and the government pays for your degree (in whole, or in part). Once you've finished your degree, and are earning a solid income (above a certain amount), you slowly have money deducted from your income to repay the HECS debt.

That way, irrespective of money, you should be able to get a degree.

Anonymous said...

But Za; any racial preferences ARE fucking the White matter how you try to rationalize it. In case you did not know; there are more poor white americans than any of the so called minority groups put together. Check the data.

Anonymous said...

You're not listening John. I've said that using race is a bad way to measure advantage. But creating a new scholarship for white people is not going to make the system work.

Anonymous said...

The only system that should be in place is merit.