Tuesday, November 7, 2006

More Proof That Keith Olbermann Is A Dumb Shit

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If you'll remember back to my post about Saddam being found guilty, I joked that it was all the Bush administrations doing with it being so close to the election. Well, Olbermann apparently doesn't think it was a joke. In yesterdays edition of his anti-Conservative/anti-Bush hate speech he calls "Special Commentary" ol' sportsboy just falls ever so short of saying that the Bush administration orchestrated the verdict of Saddam for political gain. "But Chris, you're missing the point of the piece". No I'm not. Olbermann is questioning whether going into Iraq was the right move. I got that, but that's not what this post is about. It's about the screwed up mind of a far-Left commentator that goes largely unnoticed by the media either because they don't care, are too stupid to notice or maybe it's because they feel the same way as Olbermann. Or maybe it's because they're like the rest of American and aren't watching his show.


Anonymous said...

WHAT? You needed MORE proof??
I thought it was common knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Actually I'm surprised that you weren't taking off many people's opinions when you originally wrote that Chris. A lot of people think it was timed to give Iraq a nice spin just before the election (myself not included); and in fact, that was the commentary from the moment the fact that a verdict was coming was made known.

But Bush certainly did capitalise on it, citing it as proof of the "bourgeoning democracy" in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Keith Olberman is a great American.