Saturday, March 5, 2005
"In yet another twist in the ongoing saga of trying to save Enterprise from the TV scrap heap, it has recently been announced that an anonymous contribution of $3 million by members of the commercial space flight industry has been pledged towards the campaign to keep the show going at least one more year. TrekUnited head Tim Brazeal says that this generosity is overwhelming. "We believe that Enterprise deserves a future," he says.
The benefactors' statement on says that the people responsible for airing this kind of television have a responsibility: inspiration. They go on to note that at least 50% of all the entrepreneurs in this industry have been inspired by Star Trek.
Under the terms of the TrekUnited charter, the money pledged will go towards anything that will guarantee a fifth season of the show. However, it is still unclear whether any amount of money will bring the show back. Production is currently scheduled to finish next Tuesday, March 8"
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The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
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