Thursday, November 8, 2007

More Crap With Immigration In This Country

Two Dozen Illegal Immigrants Arrested Using Fake Badges to Work at O'Hare International Airport
One affidavit from a temporary worker who cooperated with authorities said Benitez told him to look through a box containing about 20 airport security badges and to pick one with a picture that resembled his own face.

The affidavits allege that Ideal Staffing told workers they needed to have identification, but that the documents did not have to be legitimate, and also accused the company of supplying some workers with deactivated badges issued in other names.
However, ladies and gentlemen, the immigration situation in America a big enough concern for our government to do anything but talk about how it needs to be fixed. Just because it's dead simple for an illegal alien to get a job at an important hub of travel like O'Hare doesn't mean we have anything to worry about. Before law makers can address this they have to make sure everyone has gone green. That's more important. A terror attack is only a possibility. Being killed by rising water because of CO2 is guarantee. It's called priorities.