Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Day The World Stood Still

The worst ice storm in state history. That's what they're calling it. I've heard somewhere between 500,000 & 1 million without power and I don't know how many have died as a result. It rolled in late Saturday night and, while the bad weather is over with, the system finally moved out yesterday. I lost power Monday morning and it came back on 36 hours later. I was one of the lucky ones. Some won't have power back on until sometime next week. The worst of the damage was to tree limbs. If someone has a tree that didn't lose a limb they're one of the lucky ones. You've heard the term "Winter Wonderland"? This was a Winter Wasteland. It actually would have looked quite nice, trees covered in white, had it not been ice and limbs strewn across yards and roads. The state has brought in electric crews from Texas, Virginia, Alabama, Louisiana, the Dakotas and other states to help restore power. It'll be months before they're able to get everything repaired. And now, as a result of the storm, they're going to look at proposing to move power lines under ground. Uh, duh. And to top it all off, we have another storm moving in Friday night.

Freezing temps + no warm water - heat = 0 fun.

I lost the tree in my back yard. Every limb but one was taken down. And I have this huge Bradford Pear tree in my front yard. When it's in full bloom, there is nothing like it. The ice got a hold of it as well. It looked like it was split in half. But it came back, losing only one limb. Which is amazing. But I have no idea if it will make a comeback this spring or not. And and all, I was lucky. No real damage, except my fence was taken out by my neighbor's tree.


Deoduce said...

Yeah, I saw on the news how Oklahoma and Kansas got the worst of it. Sorry to hear you lost power and about your trees and fence, etc. That's no fun. Let us know if we can do anything for you!