Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hateful Left Celebrate Charlton Heston's Death

Some of the headlines and comments over at Democratic Underground.

Will he be made into Soylent Green?

I wish he’d have died of a bullet wound. - NOT because of any spite or hatred for the crazy old kook … just because I like irony.

1 less right wingnut to worry about

NOW will somebody pry his cold, dead hands from that frickin’ penis substitute?

If “liberal” means giving every mean-spirited bastard in the world a break solely on the account that they are a fellow homo sapien?… feeling any sense of loss that some sorry piece of shithumanity such as C Heston has checked out? Then sign me out. I am glad that he is no longer breathing the same air that you and I share. Just tell me the address to where I need to mail my “Liberal” card.

Coincidence or cause and effect? - I wonder what came first; the Alzheimer’s or the NRA Presidency?

He was a prick. - And good riddance, about 35 years too late.

Their brain-eroding diseases coincided with their rightwing turns

Even evil people pass away. Bush’s promoters can’t live for eternity.

Bye Mr. Heston. Hopefully you won’t be such an asshole in the next life.

Can’t say I feel sorry for Charlton Heston. From all I heard he was as rightwing as they come.

Condolences to the family - hat’s the only kind thing I can think of to say.

The hero of the Gun Pushers is dead - I hope the NRA will follow his lead in this one.

So glad to hear some good news for a change. - I hope that spreader of misery spends all his glory days around the eternal flames of hell with ol’ Raygun talkin’ ’bout how they really fucked this country - oh they probably won’t even remember, lol. How about we quit glorifying someone just because they had the good sense to DIE.

he had it coming. - I had no empathy for the aging Nazis, either.


BetteJo said...

WTF? I never knew there was that much resentment for the man out there. For God's sake - he's dead - where is the respect - at least for his family?? I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Remember Bettejo...those folks are the proponents of "peace"...