Thursday, June 19, 2008

Firefox 3

In case you didn't know, Firefox 3 has been released. A couple of warnings. 1). Some of your add-ons might not work with it. There may not be an update for them yet. About half of mine don't work. Hopefully the developers will get that rectified. 2). If you install FF3, don't like it, and try to go back to your previous version, it might not work. That's what I did. I saw that my add-ons weren't working so I tried to go back to v. and it kept crashing so I had to stick with v.3.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the warning. I was going to update to ff3 soon, but after your warning I might test it for a while on an unimportant computer.

BetteJo said...

My Paypal plugin doesn't work and it was wonderful. Other than that I'm pretty happy with FF3. So far.