Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Sad State Of The World Today

It's not often that I'm at a loss for words, but there is nothing I could add to the stupidity of this. Political Correctness has gone WAY too far.


Unknown said...

On the surface it sounds like just more P.C. BS, but it seems that only some aspects of political correctness are applied outrageously and ridiculously (P.C. covers all aspects of life - yet it seems that 'race', and to a lesser degree 'gender' are the areas out of control in the US. yes, you'll find examples of gross PC stupidity from around the world, but you guys have made it an art-form).

Doesn't sound so much like P.C. on the rampage, but expression of unresolved tension... that you can't use the 'n word' anymore, but what has really changed? Structural disadvantage still has the black man 'starting behind the eightball' (and it is true that there are many negative associations with words/expressions relating to the colour black... )

While the 'SciGuy' commentary on the argument highlights that 'Commissioner John Wiley Price's' objection doesn't fit with a scientific interpretation, no one calls quasars 'white holes' (except obscure science fiction fans speculating about so called 'worm holes'), but in the original context of the meeting, calling an office that has an amazing ability to lose paperwork a 'white hole' cleverly highlights one of tools of both structural inequality and white collar crime - 'paperwork'.

'White collar crime' (you know, 'the good type of crime' - 'not real criminals', based on loop holes and 'little white lies') is the highest expression of inequality - steal $50 from someone on the street you go to jail, steal $50 million from investors/the government and you go on holiday. While there's nothing saying that a black person can't do white-collar crime, nor a white person break criminal law (a black person is more likely to go to jail for it), the statistical correlation is so heavily skewed otherwise.

Sure P.C. has become a ridiculous pain in the butt, but I reckon the example in the article is a witty flipping of the script that some sad pedantic science-type totally missed (the judge in the article is an idiot too, missing the point and demanding an apology for a 'racially insensitive analogy', it only became about race when the witty Commissioner highlighted that paperwork and BS are a white man's weapons).
In short, the SciGuy might want to stick to dressing-up in lycra for startrek conventions and his wikipedia science degree, and the judge needs a humour transplant and his head extracted from his butt.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw the title of this post, I knew what it was going to be. This story fits quite nicely with the "study" in England that says little kids that say "yuck" to unfamiliar foods are racists. I shouldn't be amazed...but I am.

Unknown said...

"As soon as I saw the title of this post, I knew what it was going to be"

People will see what they want to see...

"...the "study" in England that says little kids that say "yuck" to unfamiliar foods are racists"

No such study.
One finding of (perhaps dozens) suggests a possibility (that word 'may' again), and some half-wit has seized on it, removed it from context, then Chris posts a link to it, now we have people such as m*a claiming 'that the study says...' (*it doesn't*) removing all other possibilities (any of you actually read the report, or are you all happy to openly mis-represent the truth?) to just pick the words you like, ignore ones that interfere with your mission to paint the world a certain way... Don't worry about the truth right in front of you, it's not nearly as interesting as the 'improved' version.

The world's messed-up enough as it is, why are you all so keen to climb over the truth to try and make it seem worse?

"I shouldn't be amazed..."

You're right, you shouldn't, there's nothing remarkable in either article and subsequent comments except the inability to communicate/comprehend.