Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Hard Hitting Stuff

We have an energy crisis in this country and a war against people who want to convert or kill, but there always seems to be time to ask the candidates running for the most important job in the country the questions we're all wondering about.

I hate when they do pieces like this. I don't care what's on their iPod or what their favorite tv show is or what movie make them cry. How are you going to help people unable to pay their bills because they can't afford to buy gas to drive to work? But did anyone notice what Obama and McCain's answers to the stupid questions have in common? They're all popular shows. Nothing that's not on the pop culture radar. No "Big Bang Theory" or "Turner And Hooch", which made me cry. Something tells me, though, that Obama's favorite movie was "The Motorcycle Diaries". It was about his hero after all.