Saturday, December 13, 2008

Olbermann Gets Pwned

We all know Keith Olbermann's intolerant obsession with Bill O'Reilly. He needs O'Reilly to generate the paltry ratings his show gets. I don't think he can go a night without mentioning Bill O. Well, on Wednesday's episode it kind of backfired on him. On Tuesday's episode of the FNC show "Red Eye With Greg Gutfeld", a great show by the way, they had someone on from High Times magazine. He made a joke about how Fox News's green room had the best pot and one of the co-hosts of the show made a joke where he said "Mr. O'Reilly doesn't like people to touch is stash", or something like that. When the show aired the words "Mr. O'Reilly" was beeped. Olbermann, in his all his wisdom, assumed that Fox News had beeped it because it reflected bad on "The Worst" Bill O'Reilly. What Olbermann failed to realize was that the host, Greg Gutfeld, had had the name beeped on purpose just for Olbermann to mention it on his show. And the stupid bastard fell for it hook, line and sinker. Hate is a powerful thing, eh Keith.

I don't know what exactly is in that video, as I can't watch it, but I hope it's the piece from Countdown and Gutfeld's reaction.