Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's Still A War On Terror

Israel gets it right while others get it so very wrong. We're still in the most dangerous fight of our lives, despite what the Obama administration thinks, and they're making it harder to fight it. Wrong man at the wrong time.


Unknown said...

Let me see if I've got this straight... "Israel has got it right' because they are focusing of preventing Iran from doing them harm, but Obama has got it wrong by moving away from a missile defence system that assumes Russia is the enemy - to focus on preventing Iran from doing atomic-style harm... like Israel.
I'm not sure what you want Chris? Do you still think the evil Russian reds are a credible threat as a nation-state using ICBM's?
Or is it that America should be having a missile-defence program to defend itself from Iranian missiles that are more likely to kill Iranians than anyone else?
The Iranian missiles are no better than the good old 'skud missile' that the Iraqis had... short-range and laughably inaccurate.

So, looking for help to put the screws on Iran is perhaps the best thing Obama can do...
Or have I got that all wrong, should a Ronald Ray-gun style 'Star Wars project be where the limited funds go'.
If the problem is that 'funds are limited' you might consider the criticisms made for spending money america doesn't have, and a missile defence system isn't really good value if no one in the area has missiles.. that kind of thing is only useful in a symmetric conflict against a nation-state, rather that the current problem of a largely un-organised militia with AK-47's and IED's