Monday, June 7, 2010

Music Czar Monday

June is Red Music Month here on Music Czar Monday. Every once in a blue moon I tend to go all Native and let my Cherokee flow a little more. I decided to let it flow into MCM. I've chosen four pieces of music that I enjoy very much and I hope you will as well. I have some more traditional sounds and some modern/new age sounds. But they're all excellent.

First up is from my favorite Indian musician, Robbie Robertson. Some of you may remember him from the group "The Band". After he left he recorded two albums of more pop music before he did what I feel is his crowning achievement, Music For The Native American. This first song is his take on a traditional piece. The way I understand it, it's giving thanks to The Great Spirit for the new day.

Cherokee Morning Song by Robbie Robertson w/ Rita Coolidge