Monday, September 13, 2010

Music Czar Monday

Wednesday marks seven years since I started this blog and I've been thinking about it some lately. The people I've met. Some have moved on while others have become friends. There are two people in particular that I wanted to single out by dedicating this weeks MCM to them. Greta and my Sister from another mister, Jessica. They were two of my earliest readers and have, for some reason or other, stuck around. Thank you ladies. I hope I picked the right songs.

Jessica and I ran across one another fairly early. Way back in '04 and she hasn't been able to get rid of me since. I call her my Sister because she is my Sister. We're almost the same person. It's kind of weird how much we have in common. If only I could get her to watch Soccer. Airbourne is a band that I introduced her to, so I thought it only fitting. And I picked this song because it's a good song, and it's one of the cleaner ones, so just ignore the lyrics because they mean nothing. Or do they??? "Women come and go, they never do remain, they take more than they give, but it's me who's to blame. I'm at the bottom of the bottle and nothing's all I got, Yeah it may not be the answer but it sure does hit the spot". How true, how true. I think this song is an actuate portrayal of her. Just kidding. Or am I??? :D

Cheap Wine & Cheaper Women (Live) by Airbourne

I can't find when Greta and I first crossed paths, but we think it was sometime in '04 or early '05. She soon asked me to become a contributor to her site and she's put me to work ever since as the tech guy. Taskmaster that one. I fake most of it though. But I don't think she's caught on yet. She's also the one who's really responsible for Wednesday Hero becoming what it has by talking me into making it available for others to post. So she created even more work for me. Thanks ;^) Not as big a Stones fan as I use to be but this is one of the songs that I do like. Nice atmosphere. A kinda dark, kinda hippie, kinda mod sound. Normally that wouldn't work too well but it does here.

Paint It Black (Live) by The Rolling Stones

It's kind of crazy when I think about it. A little under a third of my life has been spend on this blog. I started it, under a different name, because blogs were really taking off at the time and I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about. All the changes it's went through. All the changes I've went through. And to have people, especially these two ladies, stick with it, and me, kind of boggles the mind. What started out as "you link to my site and I'll link to yours" has turned into something I would have hated to miss. A little sappy? Maybe, but that's me.