Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Military Care Package

I've just about got my first care package I'm sending overseas done. It's not much. Like SRV sang, "Money's tight, nothing free... won't somebody come and rescue me, I am stranded.." Sorry. Got carried away there for a second. And so what with Christmas coming up things have to be budgeted but I was able to find a little something extra. I've some eye drops, lip balm, cotton swabs, a few bars of soap, 3 big bags of sunflower seeds and a huge bag of Lifesavers. I was tempted to keep those for myself but thought better of it. Forget to get sandwich bags so I'll be getting those later this week. And maybe a few other things. FYI, if you want to seed a care package, and have it there by Christmas, I think the deadline is next Saturday the 13th.

Ok, I've just been informed that the deadline for the area I'm shipping this package to is December 10 via priority mail. So that means I have more time than I thought to maybe get a few more things. Cool.


JadeAston said...

Thank you, I know those guys all get really excited to get anything, and all those things you are sending will be extremely useful!