Sunday, February 6, 2011

Music Czar Monday

I loved Rockuary so much I decided to build on it and designate February as Bluesuary. I've only done two Blues tracks for MCM and both were on the same day to honor SRV. We're well overdue. Rock and Roll will always be my first love but nothing gets my juices flowing like a smokin' Blues track. Whether it's just one guy and his guitar singing the saddest song you've ever heard or a band just tearing it up. I love it. As a great man use to say, "The Blues gave us everything". So put your shades on and lay back because it's time to get cool. Also, be sure to check my Facebook or Twitter pages on Fridays. I'll be showcasing the roots of Led Zeppelin. Some of the original versions of songs they were "influenced" by and "borrowed" from. Also, Sunday nights. 8pm-12am Central time. Listen live to KMOD for The Smokehouse Blues. Awesome show.

This is how the the Blues should be played. You take two of the best, one of them being perhaps the best Blues, and absolutely one of the top 3, guitarists of all time, and it's pure magic. Sadly, YouTube didn't have the song I wanted so I urge you go pick up the CD/DVD "In Session" because on the DVD is these two guys playing the most amazing version of Texas Flood.

Blues At Sunrise (Live) by Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan