Monday, April 15, 2013

Music Monday

"This new video started with a conversation with my close friend Don Barnaby (first Nation of Canada). The Indians of Canada are having their land sold from under their feet. It's a serious problem that will effect all of us. It's about clean air, water and land. It's also about the protection for woman from violence. As he was telling me about the desperation and sadness of his people, all I think was 'I got to write a song to help my friend and his people'. So we got together and threw some ideas around and I researched the 'Idle NO More' movement. The result is this anthem for the movement. Then we got together with Michael Carroll who now has an office with me at Guilty Dog Studios producing/directing videos. The result is this powerful video that I am so proud of. Michael has such vision and did an amazing job! I also feel that my fathers spirit was by my side during the creation of this song as he was so proud of his native blood and was passionate about teaching me some of the Indian ways. My hope is that this song does some good in this world and wakes people up as to what is going on. Rise and be counted!"

Joe Merrick - Idle No More