Monday, October 31, 2005
Bush nominates Samuel Alito for the Supreme Court. But here's the $25,000 question. Will he overturn Roe Vs. Wade? Because that seems to be the litmust test for some of my fellow Conservatives who opposed Miers. They didn't know where she really stood on abortion. Here's my feeling on the subject. I don't think the Supreme Court has the right to make decisions on some cases, abortion being on of them. What they should do is overrule Roe Vs. Wade and let the states vote on it. If the people of a state want abortion to be legal in their state, or make it illegal, let them vote on it. 9 people in Washington, D.C. shouldn't have the power to say one way or the other. But back on Alito. I'm a little disappointed with Bush over this. First he gives in and accepts Mier's resignation then the goes and nominates someone who will make Conservatives happy. What happened to the man who did what he wanted, damn the polls or what people thought of it? I want that president back. I miss him.


Christian Prophet said...

Watch the arguments that Alito will be "devisive." Apparently this argument doesn't wash. See The Christian Prophecy blog: