Sunday, August 12, 2007

Politics In America. A Downhill Game

This has been, without doubt, the dumbest political season I've ever seen. First, well, maybe not first, but up there, we had the "What Do You Hate About America?" question at the MSNBC Republican debate. Now we have CNN's White House correspondent Suzanne Malveaux asking if Hillary Clinton could sustain black support with Obama in the race. That's like asking Obama if he could sustain Latino or Asian support. Or Bill Richardson if he could sustain White or Indian support. Race should play absolutely 0% in politics. Yeah, I know every race has their own issues, but you'll never find a candidate who can speak to all of them.

Then we have this article about Fred Thompson from what is supposed to be a professional newspaper. Really? Is this all they could come up with?

Sadly, this isn't anything new. Remember MTV and someone asking if Bill Clinton wore boxers or briefs? I really don't care what kind of underwear my president wears, or whether she's showing too much cleavage, or what kind of song is on their iPod. Tell me what you're going to do about taxes, the border and terrorism. Have we really become such a self-centered bunch of brain dead morons that we would rather know about a candidate's religion or past marriages than the money, our money, that's being wasted on their vacations to the Virgin Islands and bridges that lead no where?

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