Thursday, August 30, 2007

Creating Terrorists

Once again, Glenn Beck shows why he's the best thing on CNN. On Wednesday's episode of his show he had on former Israeli ambassador to the U.N, Dane Gold. In it they talked about Iran and terrorism. You can read the interview here. Just search for "Dane Gold".

But what I want to point out is something Gold said at the end of the interview. He and Beck were talking about Iraq, how we're creating more terrorists and pulling troops out. Gold said the following
Well, I don`t want to make a suggestion as an Israeli what the United States should do in Iraq. They`re your troops. However, I will say this: Whether you leave in three months or in three years, you have to understand that withdrawal engenders jihadism. Al Qaeda was formed in 1989 when the Soviets were defeated in Afghanistan and withdrew. When Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip, Hamas won the Palestinian elections and Al Qaeda went into Gaza. You have to understand that is the dynamic of radical Islam.
If we make a full withdraw, like many Democrats want, what will happen?


Deoduce said...

I love Glenn Beck, he most closely represents my views on the world, and he is awesome. I try to listen to him on the radio when I can. Hannity's too whiny and his callers are idiots, and Rush is alright but he's old news. O'Reilly is OK, but I don't agree with him on a lot of things.

Christopher Lee said...

He's the only thing on CNN I can watch. If they were smart, big if, they would take dinosaur King off and put Beck on in his place. They probably wouldn't beat O'Reilly but they would at least have a shot at it.