Thursday, November 1, 2007

Suck On That, Fred Phelps

A judge in Maryland has ordered that the Westboro Baptist Cult must pay the father of a fallen Marine $10.9 million for protesting at his son's funeral.
As far as their picketing goes, they want to do it in front of a courthouse, they want to do it in a public park, I could care less. But I couldn't let them get away with doing this to our military," Al Snyder said
Damn right. I saw something on FNC that's not in this article. They were interviewing the father, Al Snyder, and Fred Phelps said that if his appeal fails he'll just declare bankruptcy and he, Snyder, will never seen any of that $10.9 million. Either way this asshole pays.


Anonymous said...

Best post title I've seen thus far, about this news:) Kudos to you,Chris.