Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Random Thoughts XXI

BBBBBBad, BBBBBBad, BBBBBBad, Bad To The Bone. How does George Thurogood do that?

I hate mornings

Why does my dog like to eat stuff off the floor? He finds a piece of lint and you'd think he'd found a steak

Kiss my grits

Have you ever laughed so much that you couldn't phyically laugh any more?

Hollywood. Stop remaking Japanese horror movies. They're not as good

If Avril Lavigne is punk, then I'm a 6' 8" black man

It's not real BBQ unless you come away messy

I am so sick of fake Myspace profiles

What Does Revolution Mean?

Is it really charity if your forced to do it?

Doctors. If you're a guy, and have long hair, cut it. I don't trust a male doctor with long hair

One reason I like Soccer better than Football. It doesn't take 4 freakin' hours to play a game. The whistle blows and 90 minutes, plus a 20 minute half time break, and it's over. None of this go 1 yard, stop, go another yard, stop crap

How did 13 become known as a "bakers dozen"?

Please stop sending me videos on the web. I'm on dial-up. I can't watch streaming videos from YouTube

If you have a stuffed up nose, and something scares you why does your nose all of a sudden become clear?

I'm the man on the outside looking in

Shipping & Handling is where QVC bites you in the ass

Hey you, would you help me to carry the stars?
Open your heart, I'm coming home

Is it Lasagne or Lasagna? Because I've seen it spelled both ways

Men. If you're over 30, take the earing out. It looks dumb

Here's something I can't figure out. You put clothes in the dryer, you put a dryer sheet in with them. You take the clothes out and the dryer sheet's gone. How does that happen?

Why do we still need the penny? The price of everything should end in a 0 or 5, after taxes. No more counting out those damn little things

Why is it always the Vulcan's who are immune to everything? Is their physiology really that different from ours?


Robocop said...

You were not kidding when you titled this random thoughts.

Christopher Lee said...

Have you read some of the older RT posts?

Robocop said...

Not yet.