Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday News Round-Up

Mexican Military Fighting At Border?
The U.S. Border Patrol confirmed 29 recorded incursions into the U.S. by Mexican military or other government agents in the last 12 months, according to a report made public Wednesday by a watchdog group.

Father May Have Killed Daughters Because One Was Dating A Non-Muslim
A man on the run from police since his teenage daughters were found shot to death in a taxicab on New Year's Day had threatened to hurt one of the girls for dating a non-Muslim boy, according to police documents.

Supreme Court To Hear Voter I.D. Card Case
The opponents, mainly Democrats, view voter ID a modern-day poll tax that disproportionately affect poor, minority and elderly voters - who tend to back Democrats.

Homeless people wanting to vote might face the most difficulty under the law. While the state will provide a voter ID card free of charge to the poor, applicants still must have a birth certificate or other documentation to get the ID card.
Really? Homeless people are your big argument? You know, I'm poor and a minority. Maybe I should be against this plan. It discriminates against me.


Robocop said...

Perhaps the role of the National Guard on the Mexican border should be greatly expanded.