Sunday, July 6, 2008

Don't Support Obama? You Racist

That's what Tulsa World Associate Editor Mike Jones seems to think anyway. In an editorial he wrote today entitled Just say what you mean, Jones talks about political mudslinging saying
Let's not be so naive to believe that rhetoric, false charges and name-calling have not always been and likely always will be an integral part of politics
And he's right. Whether we like it or not, it's always been there and will always be there. But then Jones targets Karl Rove and essentially calls him a racist. Rove tells Fox News that he believes that Obama is arrogant and Jones throws this out
That comment actually tells us more about Rove than it does Obama.

Nevertheless, this is one of the more underhanded and ugly attacks because it is subtle. Some factions in the McCain camp (probably not McCain himself) are using a code word. All you have to do is replace "arrogant" with "uppity" and that reveals the message some McCain supporters (or more likely simply Obama-haters or maybe Democrat-haters) are sending.
Followed by this gem
As for Rove and his buddies — the likes of whom we haven't seen since the Richard Nixon "Plumbers" — if you're going to attack Obama at least have the guts to say what you really mean. Just go ahead and say that Obama simply doesn't know his place
Yes, Mr. Jones, that's exactly what we mean. That stupid Colored man, who the hell does he think he is? He should be shining my shoes, not running for president. We've seen this type of thing since the primaries, if not before. Say anything negative about Obama and dolts in the media label you racist or a bigot. And it's going to ramp up now. Any negative story against him will be lambasted and dissected to find the "code words". Barack Obama will win this election, and the media will play a HUGE roll in it. It won't be because he's the best choice and the right person to lead this country, it will be because Republicans will come off as looking like we don't like him simply because he's black or he has a funny sounding name, *hint hint wink wink* Muslim. Something else Jones talks about in his piece.


Kristina said...

Definitely I'm a racist. Otherwise, I'd be able to figure out whether Obama is black, white, or that race doesn't matter. Get real, people. If race matters to you, if race makes a difference in who you're voting for, then yes, you're a racist, whether you're voting for or against Obama. But, most of us don't really care about race. We just don't want a liberal in the White House.