Thursday, December 4, 2008

Obama Reaching Out To Rivals

Another former rival joins Obama cabinet

I love how the media is trying to spin it to make it seem like Obama is reaching out with his choices for his cabinet. No, he's not. He's filling them with fellow Liberal Democrats. Now, some may be rivals in the sense that they were campaigning against him for the presidency, but they're still people who agree with him on most issues. Now, were he appointing Conservatives who don't support him to spots in his cabinet then he would be appointing rivals. As it is, they're just more yes men.


Unknown said...

you haven't given this much thought have you?

Try reconciling the role of Cabinet with your expectations of a Democrat appointing conservatives, and then perhaps your definition of 'rival' might be closer to the media's.

Tami said...

What happened to CHANGE???

Unknown said...

...don't think that 'change' goes as far as 'ham-stringing' yourself by appointing people who don't support your policies, and won't support your decisions. There's no point winning an election if you are just going to give all major offices to opponents.

There is a real difference between the words 'opponent' and 'rival' in this context, this might be where some of you are getting confused.

Opponent - this is someone from the opposite side (such as a republican to a democrat)

Rival - someone you are competing against, but are essentially similar to - from the same side (such as a democrats in competition with other democrats).

So, by not rushing out and appointing republicans it doesn't mean that obama is not appointing 'rivals', it means he is not appointing 'opponents'.