Friday, December 12, 2008

Toys For Tots II

I'm 29-years-old. I haven't been a kid for 17 years, and I don't shop for kids, so I have no idea what to get kids or even what they like. I knew one thing I wanted to get. A Teddy Bear for a boy and one for a girl. Every little kid should have a Teddy Bear. I never did, though. So I got one for each, then came the hard part. What to get for older kids. What do kids between the ages of, say, 8-10 like these days? When I was at that age I was still playing with my little green army men, Transformers and He-Man. Kids today at that age a far ahead of where I was, so what to get them? I was surprised to find out that Wal-Mart doesn't have as many toys as one would think. As I said, I don't shop for kids, so I ended up getting a basketball hoop that hangs on the back of a door and a Bratz doll. Also, people, if you do buy a doll for TFT, or whatever, please remember that there are more than just White girls who like dolls. I'm willing to bet that most people don't even think about something like that.


Deoduce said...

Yeah, Wal-Mart doesn't have a very good baby section, either. I think Target beats WM on both accounts.

I think 8-10 year olds today are more obsessed with cell phones and video games. But if I had to buy a gift, I'd buy something like a board game that they might like, or a Nanopet or something for the girl.

Kristina said...

My 11yo and his friends still play with Tranformers, when they're together. But, they really are into audio/video stuff. Clothes are good, too. Cool t-shirts are best.