Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Close GITMO, Close GITMO, Clost GITMO

Only 61? That's not too bad.


Deoduce said...

yeah, they want to release those crazies out here in the midwest, too.

hellllll noooooo!!

Unknown said...

"Those crazies"
well, I'm glad we've got the terminology sorted-out.

An "11 percent recidivism rate" says the article - that's a little low compared to other 'crimes' isn't it? No chance that the US locked-up a whole lot of innocent people... cos Gitmo isn't exactly a rehabilitating kind of place, is it?
So it's tough luck to the 'crazies' that an over-zealous US incarcerated without a real reason.
Yeah, I know that there are a whole bunch of folks at RWRM who don't actually care - much like the blood-thirsty mobs that 'just want justice' when a crime is committed, regardless of whether the suspect is the person who actually committed the crime - someone's gotta pay for the crime, doesn't matter who (they all look the same right?)

As for the 61 (11%) who have gone on to be involved in terrorism (again?) - that's a great advertisement for the bush administration's choice to piss all over international law, that really worked out well, didn't it?

Well done 'US justice' (an oxymoron) - really screwed that up.