Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank You President Bush

Thank you for your service to our country. In the face of the most dangerous and trying time in the history of this country you stood up and did what needed to be done to protect us. You stood up and said we're not going to sit by and wait to be hit again. Some agreed, some didn't. But they're not the ones who have to make the decisions. Thank you for keeping us safe.

Not only did you have to deal with monsters who wanted to destroy us, you had to face some of the most hateful, close minded rhetoric to ever be thrown at anyone. And you could have lashed out, I know I would have, but you took it all in stride and even joked about it at times. Thank you for showing how a person in command of the United States should act.

Was your presidency perfect? No. Nothing is. Were you perfect? No. No one is. But you stuck to your principals, even if I don't agree with all of them, and showed the mettle of this great country and it's leader. I have no idea how history will look on your time in office. The people who like you say it will be favorable. The people who hate you say you will be remembered as the worst president in history. But they don't know. No one knows. All I know is that when this country needed some one to stand up, you did. Thank you.


BetteJo said...

Good bye Dubya, I'm going to miss you.

Unknown said...

"Was your presidency perfect? No... Were you perfect? No."
... you're asking the wrong questions; Was he fit for office? No. Can he tie his own shoes? No
He is a hapless retard. I don't know how he'd go with a real job, you know, without personal aides to keep out of trouble (stop him running with scissors etc).

"Thank you for showing how a person in command of the United States should act".
You are kidding, right? You would have been better with Dan Quayle ("fellow astronauts...".

"you stuck to your principals" No, he was stuck in his prejudices - there's a big difference.

"Thank you for keeping us safe" (probably better that I didn't remind you how unsafe under 'dubya' americans were - it would have been a real challenge to have failed worse).

Christopher Lee said...

That's exactly what I was talking about. I could easily do the same about Obama, but I'm just better than that. And I find it hilarious you talking about prejudices when every comment you leave is about your narrow minded view of American and it's people. Enjoy living in your world of close minded hate and ignorance.

Unknown said...

"I could easily do the same about Obama, but I'm just better than that."
Oh, please, you are kidding, right? You've thrown everything you can at the guy... not that I give a rats... he's yet to prove one way or the other what kind of president he'll be - can't say that of George W.

Bush and his prejudices.
George has asked us to consider that he 'was always willing to take the hard decision'. That is simply not true, a decision requires that two or more possibilities actually be considered. Is there anyone that can say that for every landmark moment in George's time in office that he considered another option? The decision to invade Iraq had been made before anyone even started looking for a (dubious) reason to invade Iraq.

"every comment you leave is about your narrow minded view of American and it's people"
- no, that's a ridiculous generalisation. Sure, I'm critical of a few specific people, like the above mentioned ex-pres, but there's about 300million americans I don't have a problem with.

"Enjoy living in your world of close minded hate and ignorance."
lol. You can say it, but that doesn't make it true. You really got the wrong person with the 'hate' bit, so much so I can safely say I don't 'hate' anyone: not americans, not terrorists, not american terrorists...
I might pity a few people, but that's kind of different.

As for being 'close minded', you declared the 'death of america' immediately after Obama won the election, you don't think that's a little close-minded do you? ...to pre-judge a presidency, you'll get plenty of actual things to measure his performance (or otherwise) on.
Oh, and be assured that should Obama's presidency be anything like George's then I'll have plenty to say about him too, or should he order air-strikes against a sovereign nations like Bill and George snr. before him, I'll be suitably critical about that too. I don't care which party a person comes from, if they are a monumental screw-up...

mfahrney said...

Thank you Chris..I agree with you. We are on a highway straight for hell..the sheep people that hang on every obama word are in for a rude awakening..as he turns our glorious country into a Racist Islamic loving country...pray for USA we are going to need it!!