Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm A Terrorist Threat

At least some in the Department Of Homeland Security think so anyway. I was going to do my own post about this but Pink Elephant Pundit has done a better post than I could have.


Unknown said...

It appears you friend Pink Elephant Pundit has made some hysterical assumption and run with it.
Of the material quoted there is nothing to suggest that Conservative = RightWing Extremist.
Once again it's simple-headed thinking that reduces all of The Right to one homogeneous group, just as The Left is a homogeneous group all in agreement. At the centre of PEP's brain-fade is an assumption that a population contains two homogeneous groups, with all members of each group having identical political values and ideas - not a political spectrum.

However, from what little the report is included, 'the threat' is people who consider stockpiling guns, and the potential use of these guns as a legitimate political process.

So, it seems if your preferred form of political engagement is to 'Blog', rather than amass arms with the intent to use them like terrorist, then you have nothing to worry about - the report is not talking about you.
...although I'm sure such hysteria is reassuring that every fear you have had about The Left is true, and that you are right to be alarmed.

So, are you going to blog, or take-up arms against the government?
The answer to this simple question should tell you whether you are a terrorist threat or not.

Unknown said...

"This is not about “rightwing extremists”. This is about conservatives"

Here you go, here's the 'creative interpretation' that P.E.P. is basing all this hype on. It's an unreasonable and unfounded assumption. It's like saying that all drug-addled hippies are AK-47-toting Left Wing guerrillas.
The expression 'seeing pink elephants' refers to hallucinations brought on by too much alcohol, perhaps Pink Elephant Pundit needs less alcohol to his/her brain, and more oxygen.

What is it about the word 'extremist' that is so hard to understand? Just like the difference between 'Muslim' and 'Islamic Extremist', the difference between 'Conservative' and 'RightWing Extremist' is the willingness to use violence to express/distort a set of beliefs.