Some people just don't like "Bruno". I have to admit, I've never seen "Borat" and I don't plan on seeing "Bruno". Sasha Baron Cohen isn't funny. At all. Ever. I tried to watch "Ali G" but it was ignorant. I do like what John Nolte said at the end of the piece about actually being brave in his next film. But I don't think we'll be seeing anything like those ideas any time soon.


Unknown said...

yeah. ok, I'll take the bait.

Chris, you acknowledge that you haven't seen the film - I contend that you don't know what you are taking about.

The 'Borat' character is a good-natured foreigner (albeit with some strange customs) - he doesn't make fun of 'middle america', but provides the opportunity for his subjects/victims to demonstrate exactly how mean-spirited, condescending, and and plain rude to foreigners/anything different they can be. He's just showing us some freely-offered xenophobia from your precious 'middle america'.

The only people who have a legitimate basis for complaint with the 'borat' character is the Kazakhstani's - portraying them as misogynistic oafs.
Everyone else (the English 'upper class', americans) were just given the opportunity to demonstrate their worst qualities... and did a brilliant job.
I might also remind you how well the film did in america.

Most people accept that they were 'got' and saw the funny side - and yes, it was illuminating - it's one thing to have the suspicion that folks treat foreigners like that, it's another thing to see it (and how angry some people become when shown the 'ugliness in the mirror')

So, as for bravery, Baron-Cohen was willing to do something that few people would 'have the stones' for. It sounds like 'sour grapes' to hear people get irate about Baron-Cohen. 'Ali G' was bad, and I have no desire to see 'Bruno', but like all the crap that pours out of hollywood, if you don't like it, don't watch it.
I thinks it says plenty that there are people still complaining about Borat that haven't even seen the film.

Unknown said...

I suggested that "The only people who have a legitimate basis for complaint with the 'borat' character is the Kazakhstani's"
This, I have recently learnt is not strictly true, and no it's not Chris' precious 'middle america', but the Romanian town of Glod... one of the poorest places in Europe, and was used as the set for the opening scenes of Borat! as 'his home town'.

There was one guy who was paid 3 euros for the use of him and his house as part of the set. 3 Euros! that's sweat-shop money for the privileged of being treated like a trained monkey.
However, I'm thinking that most, if not all the blame for this belongs to the production company - Borat is a character from a BBC4 tv show, 20th Century Fox made the Borat film - Larry David ('Seinfeld', 'Curb Your Enthusiasm') directed it.
So if folks in america are annoyed with Borat, I think you need look a little closer to home for the people who took Borat out of the UK and inflicted him on america.