Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My mom thinks her neighbors are criminals. She was out on her porch this morning and was watching them and thought she recognized them from the paper. A local bar/strip club was raided some time back for prostitution and she now thinks the owners of that bar live next door to her. I looked but I can't find a story with their picture so I don't know. But when they first moved in, she thought they were setting up a meth house because the windows were boarded up. I think that thought has since left.

By the way, this bar is nasty. I mean "catch a disease just by walking in" nasty. And they have a website in which they feature a dancer, who happens to advertise on Craigslist. And she's not exactly the kind of woman to want to watch strip.

It's not him. I finally found his mugshot, and it's not her neighbor. But the dancer, it turns out, was also the prostitute and his wife. Ewwwww. Day time soaps ain't got nothing on this town.