Friday, October 9, 2009

State Of The Union 1985

My fellow citizens, this nation is poised for greatness. The time has come to proceed toward a great new challenge - a second American Revolution of hope and opportunity; a revolution carrying us to new heights of progress by pushing back frontiers of knowledge and space; a revolution of spirit that taps the soul of America, enabling us to summon greater strength than we've ever known; and a revolution that carries beyond our shores the golden promise of human freedom in a world of peace. - Ronald Wilson Reagan

It might be time for a third American Revolution because the government is destroying our country. We need someone to stand up and lead this country back to what we know it can be. But so long as there are stupid people electing stupid politicians into office, there will be no change. We can't fix the country unless we fix ourselves.


Tawnya said...


Silke said...

Our country is just fine. You may not like our elected officials right now but you can speak out against them and every two years you can vote for someone else. That’s how a peaceful representative democracy works. Instead of calling for a third revolution why not run for office yourself or get behind someone you like and campaign for them?

I may not agree with who you choose but I wouldn’t call you stupid.

Unknown said...


I'd also like to add that it would take a short memory to think that america was going OK before the most recent change in fed. gov.
...I seem to remember something about the country being flat-broke, the financial system in the toilet, and two wars that couldn't be paid for.
And while that Nobel Peace Prize might be an encouragement award, not an actual achievement award for peace, the current president/government inherited america's problems

...your calls for a revolution came many years too late.