Friday, October 2, 2009

We Are The World

On July of next year, Robert Rodriguez's prequel to one of the most bad ass movies off all time, Predator, will hit theaters. It will be called Predators and here are some of the details on the characters.

Cuchillo — A Mexican enforcer from a drug cartel with uzis strapped to his back. [character will be played by Danny Trejo]
Nikolai — A frightening bear of a Russian armed with a four-barreled gas-powered rotary machine gun.
Isabelle — A French "tough as nails woman armed with a sniper rifle".
Stans — A prisoner from San Quentin with a shaved head and a scorpion tattoo on his neck and armed with a prison made knife.
Mombasa — An African member of the Sierra Leon death squad.
Hanzo — A bad-ass Japanese Yakuza enforcer.
Edwin — A small unassuming man…formerly one of the FBI’s most-wanted.

You got the Mexican drug runner the French sniper the African, Russian, Japanese and two Americans. Is it me, or does this movie sound like a bad stereotypical United Nations?