Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Man Without A Party

What to do, what to do? I feel like a lost soul swimming through the murky pool of limbo. I have no home with which to go to. When I first registered I did so as Independent. Soon after I re-registered as a Republican. But they've gone too far off the rails for me in recent years so I have since left them as well. I looked into maybe being a part of the Constitution Party, but there are just some things in their platform I don't agree with. I'm not a Green, I'm not a Reformist and I'm sure as hell not a Democrat. I honestly do feel kind of lost. So, for the time being, I guess I'm an Independent again. Which, truth be told, suits me just fine. I'm kind of tired of party dogma telling me what I'm supposed to support and what I'm not. I abhor abortion, but I support it in cases of rape. I support limited gun control. I do not support same-sex marriage. I want every person who comes into this country to have a comprehensive background check. I don't think we need to be governed by the writings of the Bible. I don't think a state's membership in the Union is voluntary. I don't think the government should be taking power away from us. I think our founders had some pretty good ideas of what this country was to be, and that they wrote those ideas down on some very important documents.
When once a republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil.
Thomas Jefferson


Tawnya said...

I agree with you. I feel lost too! Like no one has anything for me. A woman without a Party. Maybe we should start our own?

Christopher Lee said...

The Wicked Awesome Common Sense Party, or WACS for short.

SSG_E said...

Like George Washington I do not believe in political parties anymore. How about we just find good people and elect them to office. End the Republican-Democrat shell game. Throw all the bastards out and allow all Americans to participate in the process rather than limiting it to D's and R's

MadamRude said...

Agree. Same here. What to do?

Mary Starrett said...

The Constitution Party simply uses the foundations established by the Founders when they used a Biblical worldview for the basis for government. There were thousands of years of precedent for government but none of them used a Biblical worldview and hence there never was and hasn't since been a more stable and free form of government- until now of course. There are members of the CP who are Jews and atheists, underscoring that the reason why people of all faiths felt comfortable coming to our shores is because our government ( based on a Christian worldview) was open and accepting to people of all faiths- people who were free to practice their faith or no faith. You can't deny the Founder's reliance on Providence when they founded this Republic. The CP uses the Constitution as a platform. Without a return to limited, Constitutional government we're toast.
Mary Starrett
Communications Director, Constitution Party