Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No Ideologues Needed

The GOP are trying to jump on the Tea Party/912 bandwagon and many Conservatives aren't having it.
Says Everett Wilkinson, a tea party organizer in Florida: "We are not going to allow our [movement] to be stolen by the GOP or by any political party."
Not sure what the GOP is thinking. Whether, like the article says, they think they can hitch on and ride it to defeat Obama or they think they can win people back to the party. Not sure. Things have changed. Many of us are no longer party loyalists. It's not all about having our party in power. It's about who is doing what's right for the country and I don't think the Republican party has figured that out yet. Or the Democrats for that matter. The party structure in the country, as we've known it, is on it's last days. I think 2010 will still largely be about Republican vs Democrat with a couple of surprises, but by 2012 I think things will change. People can make fun of the movement that's happening, put it down, denigrate it or whatever but 2012 will be the payoff when both parties are spanked for their arrogance and ignorance.