Monday, May 24, 2010

Bring Us Back

I don't want Republicans to win in November or 2012. I want Conservatives to win. So is there no true Conservative out there who will bring this country back to where it's supposed to be? The last one we had was Reagan, and he left office 20 years ago. The two Republicans that have followed him portrayed themselves as Conservatives, but they weren't. And every jackass Republican that's ran for office since has tried to make himself out to be the second coming of the Gipper but they were just more big spending, power hungry politicians. I didn't vote in the last election, and unless someone is willing to stand up and tell us the cold truth that this country will fail unless we make some hard, unpopular changes I won't be voting in the next one either.


Silke said...

During President Reagan’s eight years in office the size of the federal government grew and so did the deficit. Is this what you consider a “true Conservative”, Chris?

Christopher Lee said...

A "true Conservative" is someone who doesn't want to tax or ban everything under the sun because it's deemed "bad" for us. Thinks like sugar, cigarettes, trans fat, gas, etc... A "true Conservative" is one who doesn't want to control as much of our lives as possible as the government has been and is trying to do. Reagan wasn't perfect, he had is flaws, but he was a damn sight better than what we have today.

Silke said...

In 1982, President Reagan signed the Highway Revenue Act which raised the gasoline tax by $3.3 billion and in 1983 he signed legislation raising the Social Security tax rate. Accept for the first and last years, President Reagan raised taxes every single year of his presidency.

As Reagan proved (and every other politician for that matter), it’s one thing to communicate your political philosophy but it’s quite another when you actually have to govern.