Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Think Locally, Act Locally

Once again, state government has to step up when the federal government sits with it's thumb up it's ass. Anyone see a pattern here? "Blue" states and districts get more of the failed stimulus money and "Red" states such as Arizona and Louisiana get attacked and shafted. Just an observation.


Silke said...

How do you know "blue" states got more of the stimulus money than "Red" states?

Christopher Lee said...

I meant to take "states" off and just leave "districts" and forgot to.


Silke said...

Thank you for providing that, Chris. One criticism of the study you cite is they did not control for the fact that a lot of stimulus funds are distributed to state agencies, which are then responsible for allocating and administering the funds to citizens throughout the state. These state agencies are usually located in or near the state capital – and large urban areas tend to be Democratic districts.