Thursday, December 23, 2010

Letters To Santa

The following are letters to Santa that some local 2nd graders wrote. These are only sample as there are WAY too many to post. One thing I noticed was that a lot of kids want a 4-wheeler, Star Wars (awesome), Nintendo DS, PS3, 360 or an iPhone. Ain't no 2nd grader need an iPhone. But one of the most original gifts was a lot of the kids want pictures of Rudolph. How cool is that? Anyway, enjoy.

I have been very good this year. I would like a cell phone, iPod, 10 dollars, bow and arrow, American Girl with earrings, and a night gown and a picture of you please and some art stuff like crayns and sizers and glue and pensilas and a computer and a stuffed animal and a Barbie doll and a house for the doll and a funicher for the doll and a TV for the doll. Santa how is Rudolph and the ather deers and have a safe safe safe trip!

Hello Santa. How are the ranedear. Are you Doing good Santa. I love ya Santa. How is Mrs. Cluos Doing. I like all of your Christmas songs I like Christmas. hie Santa I want a 4 wheeler.

Dones it snow a lot at the nort poil. Wat Do you Do at the north poil. and how are you. and For Christmas can you get me a notendo 17-S. you are relly nice Thank you.

May I have a new bike because I need a new bike and a bike helmet. I just to be safe. May I please have a NFL football because I only have norf footballs. may I please have more close because they are small.

I want a D.S. because almost every I know has one. And I want a Cheetah Gril’s electric guitar. Qesten. who is the best child in Mrs. Hutson class?

What I want for Cristmas are a DS. Star Wars the force unleashed for a DS, a horse a sling shot and a Star Wars master replica light saber. and a bobafett hemet. how is the north pole?

How are you. I am fine. This is all I want for crismass. A trapleen, a book, a kitten, a dog, a wii, a CD, a horse. How are the rander? How is Mis. Clos? How are the elfs?

I want a Ben ten Alien kreeashen chamber.
p.s. cen I have a picher of Rudoph, you, and comit. Thank you

And finally, one of the best ones.

My name, is Hannah I want a white Christmas plees and I don’t kare wut i get but i no one mort hang i waat my famly to be happy.