Monday, December 6, 2010

Music Czar Monday

Ah, Christmas time. My favorite time of the year. The weather. The decorations. The music. All throughout the month of December, MCM will be highlighting one of my all time favorite bands. Trans-Siberian Orchestra. If you've never heard TSO, they have a Rock/Operatic/Metal/Progressive sound. Meat Loaf meets Pink Floyd meets Metallica. Three of their best from one of the best albums ever recorded, The Lost Christmas Eve. Only three because on the final Monday I will be honoring something important to me that isn't related to Christmas. But more on that later. Now, I know only three songs aren't enough so be sure to check out my Twitter page every Friday as I will be posting a song there as well. There's one song I wanted to include but YouTube doesn't have it. Midnight Clear. It's only 90 seconds long but it's very good. If you find it check it out.

Start it off with the first song on the album. It starts out "traditional" enough as "The First Noel" but it quickly changes. That's when my Mom turned it off. Wasn't her cup of tea. Enjoy.

Faith Noel by Trans-Siberian Orchestra