Monday, January 17, 2011

Break It Down

Sitting here looking at my pages stats and here's how it breaks down:

My number one visited post is the Wednesday Hero Blogroll post with an average of 56 views a day and a total of 16,290 since I posted it in 2006.

I get an average of around 100 views of my blog every day with a total of 34,471 since Blogger started keeping track. Not sure when that was.

My number one traffic source is The Pink Flamingo. Thanks, Cindy.

The number one search term that leads people to my page is "barbara boxer". Why? Because of this post I did back in 2005.

Only 38 people have read Blood Plague and 17 for Tony The Gerbil.

Surprisingly, IE is still the number one browser used at 61% while Firefox is second with only 23%. Huh.

Windows is by far the number one OS with 88%.

And, the US is the number one country for pageviews with, awesomely, South Korea in second.