Monday, January 3, 2011

Music Czar Monday

Thought about stopping MCM but then I realized that I didn't care if anyone but me was listening to these songs. I like them, so I'm going to post them.

Looking at all the songs I've posted on MCM I've noticed one thing. There have been a lot of Techo/Dance tracks. I love that style of music but I've kind of been ignoring Rock. There've been a few but not nearly enough. Well, January has officially been changed to Rockuary. Nothing but badass, balls to the wall Hard Rock & Heavy Metal. The only dancing will be your fist in the air and your head banging \\m//

They tore this song up at the VH1 Rock Honors. Never really liked Godsmack before I saw this but they've grown on me since.

Electric Eye (Live) by Godsmack