Wednesday, September 17, 2003
Well, we now have 10 Democrats vying for the nomination. Let’s see if I can name them all.

Dean – Front runner. Something evil about his eyes. Don’t trust him. Wants to take money away from the poor. He wants to repeal all the tax cuts
Kerry – Vietnam War vet. Tries to portray himself as the big war hero.
Edwards – Good ‘Ol boy, but ashamed of it.
Clark – Eisenhower wannabe. But not. Michael Moore's favorite. Moore's endorsment alone would be enough to make me drop out.
Lieberman – The only one that makes any sense.
Sharpton- No chance in hell.
Kucinich – Who?
Braun – Again, who?
Gephardt – No chance.
Graham – Again, no chance in hell.

Damn, that’s better than most of the country. Most of the country can’t even name one of them.

The thing about these candidates is, not what they have to say, because so far they haven’t said anything about how they would do something, it’s all about who can bash Bush the best. That’s who’s going to get the nomination. All you have to say is “Bush is bad” the best way and *BOOM* you have the nomination. The Democrats are still upset that they lost in 2000 and 2002, so it’s whoever can stir up those feelings the best that they will choose.

God Bless America