Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Credit to moorewatch.com & thisisderbyshire.co.uk

A Son says he is disgusted that his late mother was forced to wait eight "traumatic" hours for an ambulance.

Stephen Brown even managed to fly back from a Spanish holiday and get to the hospital before his eighty-six-year-old mum, Clarice Burgin.

It was on August 11 that mum-of-nine Mrs Burgin became ill at her house in Western Spot Close, Ripley. Her family called her GP, who suspected pneumonia and immediately called an ambulance to take her to hospital within two hours. To meet Government targets, this should have arrived within 15 minutes of that two-hour spell.

That was at 2.20pm. The ambulance eventually arrived after 10pm. During the eight-hour wait, family members called the service several times, only to be told they were busy and it would be there soon.

Their mum eventually arrived at Derby City General Hospital at 10.45pm. Mr Brown (41), of Borrowfield Road, Spondon, was already there.

The next day, Mrs Burgin suffered a stroke and was later transferred to Ripley Hospital, where she died on September 6.

While I agree, in general, with the government taking over some of the health care of the eldery, I think it needs to be refined and worked out better. I mean eight hours for an ambulance it an outrage. These people haved worked for 50-60 years of their lives. When they retire, some aren't able to pay for everything they need. Something needs to be done about this. Lower prescription costs or something.

God Bless America