Tuesday, September 30, 2003
A net buddy of mine and I have been having some good chats about different things. He's a real radical thinker. One of those "Looney Left". We both have our points to make, mine are better, but one of the best debated topics we have engaged in is religious persecution.
His Point - The religious right of this country have persecuted the non-religious
My Point - The non-religious have been trying for years to silence the religious

In a recent post of his blog, he said, "No, the REAL religious persecution comes when you (Your Average Fundy) wants to push your religion down MY throat. When you want to stick YOUR 10 Commandments into OUR court houses. When you want to shove your MISINTERPRETED religious beliefs in OUR public schools." I'm not a religious person, as I've stated before I'm an agnostic, but it's my understanding of Christian teachings that Christ said something to the effect of "Go forth and spread the word." That's what they’re trying to do. Now I don't agree with it 100%. We should leave people to worship, or not, as they see fit. But we can't tell people to NOT try and spread the word that they live their lives by and they believe in. That's trying to silence them. That's persecution. We all have the right in this great country to say what we want, within reason.

He doesn’t want the 10 Commandments in a federal courthouse. I can understand that's his choice, but to say flat-out "no" is as bad as the ones who want it displayed flat-out saying "yes" it will be displayed. Just because it's yours, or my, opinion doesn't make it the right one.

GM, or JW, I'm sure we'll get into a few more passionate discussions, like abortion and the death penalty, and I'm looking forward to it.

God Bless America