Wednesday, October 1, 2003
This has been the big news story for the past 2-3 days, so I have to post on it. Are there leaks in the White House? As you all know by now, former U.S. ambassador to Iraq, Joseph Wilson, has made the alligations that someone in the Bush White House leaked the info that his wife is a CIA weapons analyst. Wilson went out to talkshows accused top Bush political strategist Karl Rove of leaking the name to columnist Robert Novak, telling a Seattle audience last month that he wanted "to see whether or not we can get Karl Rove frog-marched out of the White House in handcuffs." However, on Monday Wilson told ABC's "Good Morning America" on that he got "carried away" and made up the Rove allegation out of thin air. Mr. Wilson says this all started because he spoke up against the Bush administation and it's handling of Iraq.

The columnist, Robert Novak, has stated many times that no one inside the Bush administation leaked the info to him. Novak should have known better than to print this info. Any smart person would. He's a Republican I'm sad to say, but he's a CNN Republican. That tells the whole story right there.

The Democats have gotten their panties all in a bunch over this. For some reason the liberal keep refering to her as a "covert agent" and "undercover agent". Shes not. She was an analyst, not a spy, not a covert operative, and not in charge of undercover operatives. Some Dems have went so far as to say this is the greatest travisty they have ever seen. Yet they were silent when the Liberal Lord & Savoir Bill "Bubba" Clinton attempted to destroy one political opponent after another by illegally leaking damaging material to the media. Lets take a look at the Clinton offences.
- Paula Jones, whose tax returns were illegally leaked in Sept. 1997 to New York Daily News columnist Lar Erik Nelson. Nelson promptly detailed the material in his column, arguing that Jones deserved to be audited by the IRS because of the way she reported contributions to her defense fund.

Nelson, who has since died, insisted at the time that Jones' returns were given to him, not by the Clinton White House, but by one of her "friends". Some friend

- Then there was Linda Tripp, whose Pentagon personnel file was illegally leaked in 1998 by a Clinton Defense Department flak to New Yorker Magazine writer Jane Mayer, who promptly splashed details of Tripp's shoplifting arrest as a teenager across its pages.

The Clinton Justice Department investigated the charge, and came up, not surprisingly, completely empty. Democrat outrage over the obvious cover-up: Bubkiss.

- And where were our self-appointed guardians of privacy when the White House decided that the best way to discredit Clinton sexual assault accuser Kathleen Willey was to release her personal correspondence to the press.

U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth later ruled that the shabby manuever was a criminal violation of the Privacy Act. Democrats, however, stayed mum.

- And what about the mother of all White House privacy violations, Filegate. Over 1100 FBI files on Republicans were dispatched into the custody of bar bouncer-turned-White House security chief Craig Livingstone.

The request for the files came on memos from the office of then-White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum, a Hillary Clinton appointee. Nussbaum told FBI agent Dennis Sculimbrene that Livingstone had been hired on Hillary's recommendation.

And according to Linda Tripp, the office of Mrs. Clinton's former law partner, William Kennedy, who served as Associate White House Counsel, was crammed with stacks of the illegally obtained files.

When President Clinton proclaimed that the largest invasion of privacy in White House history was merely "a bureaucratic snafu," Democrats agreed nearly unanimously.

Now let's get to the real daming offences. Newly declassified documents show that President Bill Clinton, in 1996, personally approved the transfer to China of advanced space technology that can be used for nuclear combat. To read the whole story, go to

Some may say, "But Newsmax is a conservative biased site". You may see it that way, but I could make the same arrgument about the Clinton News Network. Just read it.

I would also like to say that all the info I got is from Newsmax.

God Bless America